Did You Know You Have A Forcefield???

Im pretty sure you have clicked on this blog thinking WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT RICHARD?!?!

Well you are about to find out that we truly do have our own forcefield around each and every one of us. Today id like to show you where it is, how it works and how you an enhance yours. Sounds cool right? Of course it does, lets get on with this article then!

So the three S’s I use to make sense of things when I here crazy theories myself are these. Number one S, Science, is there any science that can prove this thing exists? The second S, Spirituality, does this thing have a place within the spiritual world? And finally the third S, Sense, does this idea or theory make any god damn sense?

So, I will explain as I go on but to me right now, there is science to prove this theory, there is a place for it in the spiritual world and it certainly makes sense to me.

As long as I can remember Ive ALWAYS hated people touching me. Hold on, there is no reason beyond this subject we are on about today for the reason I dislike being touched. I just didn’t feel comfortable with it ever happening. Ive often been chilling with some girlfriend or whatever at the time and instantly felt extremely uncomfortable with them even trying to cuddle me. Crazy right, I must be a freak ๐Ÿ™‚ I have also always just felt weird being close to people, like Id keep my distance all the time for a reason I could never understand. Id leave from any party in haste and complete silence to avoid handshaking or a hug because I felt like someone was stealing my energy. At this point I didn’t even know what energy was. Id often laugh about it with friends or clients who thought I was just a weirdo etc. So, I didn’t like people in my space and certainly didn’t like people touching me, what the hell was up with me?!

Id soon come across the knowledge that enlightened me on my unsociable and introverted ways. It was back in my first meditation when I had an outer body experience around one of my ex girlfriends. I could see my own body on the grass, but I could also see her sitting around 3 or 4 metres away. This distance was ok for me but It was the moment she had gotten up to come near me I bit her head off and told her to beat it. For some reason that day whilst having the O.B.E and meditation experience I could really really feel her energy and it was hella negative! I lay there with my eyes closed and I could feel her walking around and trying to get close every now and then until I shouted again at her and left her in confusion until she stayed away. By the way, my eyes were completely closed and I had earphones in with very loud solfeggio music. I could not see or here her, I could feel her energy creeping into mine. This was my first experience confirming that I could feel energy fields that humans gave off. From this moment on I realised why id been so shy of connecting physically with others. So lets move on to the next part.

At this stage in my life I was still personal training clients. I met many people from many walks of life. One of my clients was unlike the rest. I did not favour her more than others by the way. Yes she was one of my favourites for sure but she brought something interesting to MY table. She was gifted with the ability to see and communicate with the trapped souls that leave this world and are still stuck here. Talking to this lady was a breath of fresh air for me. Wed laugh and talk about all the things we had in common, spiritually wise. I remember one day I was talking about how I didn’t like being near people and they made me freak a little and id often walk around people with quite a distance between us just so I didn’t leach any negative energies from them. We had an instant breakout of laughter as she felt like OMG this guy does the same things as I do. She told me how shed walk down a different isle in ASDA just to avoid a someone bad on the isle her and her husband were on. So for me this event was another clarification that I wasn’t just a weirdo and I made things up in my head, there was also another weirdo too ๐Ÿ™‚

Soon after these events I studied the works of a great thought leader, MANLY P HALL. An ex free mason and member of the illuminati. He was truly a great man who taught many people the truths of the secret societies, how they worked, operated and how they taught each other the secrets of the universe. I remember listening to a series he spoke about, about how we have an electro-magnetic field that surrounds each and every one of us. How it was there, how it operated and how it was affected by other people. I was like finally, I am sane! haha. Anyways, story told lets get on with what we are looking at here.

Science proves that we are electrical beings. We can conduct and produce electrical currents needed to operate our bodies efficiently. What science also can prove is we have an AURA, or an electrical field that surrounds us. If you do not follow right now there is a camera that can show auras through electrophotography called the KIRLIAN camera. Science can also prove that the world around us made up of light. Light is energy, energy has an individual frequency, frequency is vibration they are all one. Life, the world, science, mathematics, chemistry etc All revolve around 3 things. ENERGY, FREQUENCY & VIBRATIONS. Any real science nerd will know this. So, we may all be the same race of beings (Human), but as you know we are ALL completely different. Some of us have black skin, pink skin, yellow skin, long hair, short hair, curly hair etc We all have different energies, frequencies and vibrations too. This also makes us all have different sizes and strengths in our own auras or forcefields.

This matters. Il explain this after I tell you what its for ๐Ÿ™‚ Bare with me.

Your forcefield is for communicating but mainly for protection. Protection? From what? Not from incoming punches or dropkicks, drunk men or weird fans that want to lick your face. This form of protection is mainly for your health. This includes your mental health, physical and spiritual health. The field that surrounds you is supposed to be complete circle. For many though, this isn’t a circle, it is broken in many places. Broken auras can create issues with physical, mental and again spiritual health. Someone who neglects there body physically by being; inactive, eating unhealthy foods (meat, dairy, alcohol, processed foods), Smoking and abusing toxic chemicals etc Would be damaging their aura and creating gaps inside it. If someone is mentally unstable, rude, angry, unhappy, selfish, aggressive, depressed or anxious etc They too would be also damaging their aura by not being in control of their mental health. Mentally we need to be balanced in life just like we do physically. A healthy body is useless without a healthy mind to accompany it. Exercise your mind as much as you do your body and you will reap great results all round. Lastly if awakened and you are not paying attention to your spiritual life which could be lack of meditation, listening to the ego over the higher self (soul), ignoring your true calling, neglecting spiritual exercises or lacking any progression in life, you will also cause gaps to form in your field. All of these gaps are like putting holes in your cup of tea. The more holes you create the less tea you get, the tea is like your health and life force. The reason why many people get ill and a lot of the time is because they have an unhealthy aura due to neglect. If you have ever looked into Chinese medicine they also pay a lot of attention the bodie’s forcefield as they too understand a great deal about its existence. FLU AND COLDS are not caught by breathing it in from the air or touching unclean surfaces. A person with a clean and strong aura can avoid any of these illnesses easily. They are caught by having a weak force field. Gaps that are caused by self neglect are what makes you capture these illnesses. DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT FLU JABS. They are full or rat poison, heavy levels of mercury and plenty of other toxins that aren’t supposed to go into the body. There are zero scientific studies that show these jabs stop the flu. They are created to mass cripple people. I will touch on this subject at a later date. Google how poisonous flu jabs are if you don’t believe and actually read the REAL studies private companies have done on these toxic jabs!

Back in the room ๐Ÿ™‚


As I quickly mentioned earlier we all vibrate at different frequencies. We have frequencies and the higher they are, the more powerful we become. I can show you very easily how you can see this in life. The annoying fat women at work who complains about everything and the Buddhist monk. One has a low frequency and one has a high one. Who is more likely to have a bad day? Who is more likely to become ill or get a cold? Who is more likely to be kind to you? Who is more likely to make you feel better when you are around them? Im sure you can see where I’m going with this already. Frequencies matter and they matter a lot. Our auras are also created by energy and frequencies. Intermingling with people who have lower frequencies than yourself will make you feel like shit, make you feel ill, drained of life, or just make you lack energy overall. You are more likely to catch an illness near these people too. People who carry low frequencies are very susceptible to illness’s, negative emotions, energies and they will love to drag you down with them at any occasion possible. These people feed of others because they feel terrible themselves. Ever had that one family member, work colleague or friend that just zaps the energy from you when you spend any time around them just talking? They have a lower frequency and are currently destroying your frequency too! Stay away from these people or feel the pain, drain and start to go insane! These people are often referred too as energy vampires, google it.

SO. Creating energy gaps in your field, intermingling with people that are of a lower frequency and touching others are sure fire ways to make you feel drained, ill and fed up. Who needs an illness or a lack of energy? Nobody. Stay away.

The touching part. As I also stated before we are energy. Food is not what gives us energy as we can surprisingly last months without food as long as we have water. I spoke about energy in an earlier blog about meditation. It is a life force that comes from all around us, you just need to understand how to obtain it and use it correctly. Some people have low energy and some people have bad energy. Most of these low energy people don’t know that it is this that causes them to feel down, drained and fed up. But what they do know is that talking, hanging around and socialising with others who have higher energy levels will make them feel better because they can drain it from you and anyone around. These people love to just ‘chat’, they love to tell you about their problems, they want to hug you and drain you of your good feelings so they can have them. Just being around you allows this to happen but the easiest way for this energy exchange to occur is to touch physically. That dreaded hug. God I hate it hahah. Stay away from me. If you are still here reading and are not following have a think right now. Have you ever hugged someone and felt shivers and uncomfortable from it? Felt unloving coldness and dirty? That person just stole your energy. Hey, I just thought how these days everyone talks about, ‘Ibiza vibes’, this vibes and that vibes. Vibes is short for vibrations. So if you say something has good or bad vibes you are talking about the energetic feeling of the situation, so you have felt all of this before. Now that you are semi understanding me now lets move on.

To create a healthy forcefield that is always strong and uninterrupted you should try and follow as many of these steps as possible. Firstly lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat good live and wholesome food. Exercise as much as possible and stay way from toxins like cigarettes and alcohol. Have a good state of mind always. Be aware of your journey and do not neglect the signs or let your ego rule your life. Do not touch others if possible. Ive gotten through life without touching people, just learn to make excuses or keep a distance. I always manage to make this happen so don’t try and make excuses, YOU DO NOT have to hug or touch anybody. Avoid negative minds, and low energy people. Follow the good ‘vibes’ and be positive as much as possible!

We have a forcefield and it is there for our own protection. Learn to maintain it and keep it up. It will help you so much on your journey through life if you are aware of it and use it to your advantage. Don’t let the world take these natural powers away from you. Stay woke and stay energised.

How to raise your own frequency coming soon!

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Stay woke

Love & Peace

Forever & Always




Author: Illuminatus

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