LIFE IS A PROBLEM – Found Out Why…

I was watching a seminar recently on sun gazing and the speaker said something that made me laugh, he said, “Life is problem”.

This resonated with me because I understand just as he did. Life is a problem…

Im sure you are thinking, why is it so…?

Well, how smoothly do your days go? Do you have a 100% stress free, problem free, easy flowing life? Is everything perfect for you?

I doubt it very much. The simple reason why it runs like this, is because it is supposed to.

Lets dive a little deeper into this.

Just imagine if you don’t already think this way, life is a game of experiences. You have a checklist to complete and you must check off all experiences before you die and move on. An experience comes along and needs to be completed before you move onto the next. Lets imagine your experience is to simply to get the fridge looked at and fixed, as it is leaking at the bottom. In life you will get signs and feelings or urges to do things. Most of the time we pick up on these things and almost feel like we know this thing has to be done. Unfortunately for most of us we seem to want to put these things off until they smack us in the face. We are ignorant.

So, we saw that the fridge was leaking, it gave a very clear and prominent sign to us. We looked at it and of course, we thought… Il do it another day when Im not so busy. One week after ignoring the fridge, the leak starts to get more and more but the fridge still works fine, we leave it another week. Its three weeks down the line and its coming towards the end of the month, spare money isn’t really a thing right now as you brought yourself some new shoes last weekend that you wanted, it will have to get fixed after payday. Week four quickly moves in and the fridge is literally doing a horse piss all over your kitchen floor and you are mopping it up Nicki Minaj’s bog roll, its not at all tolerable. Payday arrives and you think, I best get the fridge sorted. You come home to a burnt down house… The fridge caught fire.

Life gave you a problem that you could have easily fixed, a simple lesson of time and priorities. You chose to ignore it over and over so you got schooled. In life we get given problems because it makes us learn and experience things. Learning and experiencing makes us more wiser and obviously more experienced. We tend to deal with things a lot more efficiently and do a better job if we have prior experience. Life is trying to give us these experiences so the future is easier and a much smoother ride whilst we are younger but we continuously choose to ignore them and constantly get schooled.

Life is a problem. Its up to you wether you chose to deal with the problems sooner rather than later. Small problems are much easier to learn than big ones.

Listen to the signs, accept that life is full of lessons, learn to conquer them instead of being ignorant.

Love & Peace

Forever & Always

-Om Shanti-