Accept Your Changes

In life people change.

Change is good, change is normal.

People often embrace changes but a good proportion of us tend to runaway from change and would much rather stay in our comfort zones.

To the people who love their comfort zones, this post is not for you. Stay in your lane and carry on living life in the same circle of safety.

For the people who love change but realise how much problems changes can cause, this post should hopefully help you out.

One of the 6 human wants and needs is growth. Personal growth is totally normal and we should always strive to progress through life. We should want to be promoted at work, grow taller, stronger, healthier and more intelligent etc This is normal. The problem is when we change or grow and the people around do not, this causes issues, arguments, jealousy and huge fall outs.

People who call themselves family and friends are the first people who will notice change in you and are also the most likely candidates to cause your biggest problems.


When you change and your friends don’t, they will give you hell and try their upmost to pull you back down to where/how you used to be. They are jealous and afraid. Jealous that you are going to move on or do better than them and afraid that you will leave them.

People who dare to change are the people who do most in life. There are two types of people who change. People who change and continue to change and people who change and get pulled back to their old ways by friends and family.

Family can be the absolute worst people ever to spoil your changes in life. They are so stuck in their ways (especially parents) that they will do almost anything to stop you and to destroy the thing that is attracting you to it. It could be a boyfriend/girlfriend, a job or a decision to move to a new location, they WILL do whatever it takes to sabotage it no matter what. Like i said before there are two people the ones that will change no matter what and the ones that will go back to their old ways because of the people around them who bring them back. Lets forget about the people who are not yet strong enough to break out of habit and get dragged back in no matter how hard they try.

The second kind of person is the one who sees a possibility to grow and to change, they execute the necessary actions required to bring the change on board and they realise its for the better and stay that way. These are the people who will win at life. Everyone should strive to be this type of person in life because what is the point in being alive if you do not wish to progress? What use is an acorn if it doesn’t grow into a tree, it will rot or get eaten by something else. Do you wish to rot or be eaten? I imagine you don’t, so ground yourself and learn to grow!

For anyone who is reading this please please accept change. Change is good, change is growth, growth is good.

DO NOT BE AFRAID of change ever and DO NOT BE AFRAID to leave anyone behind. You have a journey, a life and goals you will need to complete, you will only fail if you let people hold you back. Stop trying to do things to please other people, evolve, escape and free yourself from the judgment of others that tie you down to some sort of belief or value you believe you have.

Lastly for those people that allow others to hold you down, stop it. I will soon be writing a very very important blog about life being an illusion which will explain in a lot of detail how things around you are not real, even people. These people are here to test you, its not supposed to be obvious, the illusion is supposed to be good enough for you to believe it isn’t one. These people are lessons for you, they will stick around to either genuinely help you or to hold you back. Break free from those who cast their opinions over you and the ones who try and stop or control you. They may have been your best friend for life or it most likely will be a very close family member, its like this so it is hard to escape from, life isn’t supposed to be easy, it would be pretty pointless if it was. Be selfish, be free, be the change you want to see in yourself.

Move on. If you stand still you become stagnant. Stagnant things are useful to nobody. Do not become stagnant. Become like the river, the river never dies if it keeps flowing and moving. Hold onto comfort and you shall lose, listen to others who hold you back and you will fail.

I want you to win as much as you do.

Have faith, belief and keep moving.

Peace & Love 

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


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LIFE IS A PROBLEM – Found Out Why…

I was watching a seminar recently on sun gazing and the speaker said something that made me laugh, he said, “Life is problem”.

This resonated with me because I understand just as he did. Life is a problem…

Im sure you are thinking, why is it so…?

Well, how smoothly do your days go? Do you have a 100% stress free, problem free, easy flowing life? Is everything perfect for you?

I doubt it very much. The simple reason why it runs like this, is because it is supposed to.

Lets dive a little deeper into this.

Just imagine if you don’t already think this way, life is a game of experiences. You have a checklist to complete and you must check off all experiences before you die and move on. An experience comes along and needs to be completed before you move onto the next. Lets imagine your experience is to simply to get the fridge looked at and fixed, as it is leaking at the bottom. In life you will get signs and feelings or urges to do things. Most of the time we pick up on these things and almost feel like we know this thing has to be done. Unfortunately for most of us we seem to want to put these things off until they smack us in the face. We are ignorant.

So, we saw that the fridge was leaking, it gave a very clear and prominent sign to us. We looked at it and of course, we thought… Il do it another day when Im not so busy. One week after ignoring the fridge, the leak starts to get more and more but the fridge still works fine, we leave it another week. Its three weeks down the line and its coming towards the end of the month, spare money isn’t really a thing right now as you brought yourself some new shoes last weekend that you wanted, it will have to get fixed after payday. Week four quickly moves in and the fridge is literally doing a horse piss all over your kitchen floor and you are mopping it up Nicki Minaj’s bog roll, its not at all tolerable. Payday arrives and you think, I best get the fridge sorted. You come home to a burnt down house… The fridge caught fire.

Life gave you a problem that you could have easily fixed, a simple lesson of time and priorities. You chose to ignore it over and over so you got schooled. In life we get given problems because it makes us learn and experience things. Learning and experiencing makes us more wiser and obviously more experienced. We tend to deal with things a lot more efficiently and do a better job if we have prior experience. Life is trying to give us these experiences so the future is easier and a much smoother ride whilst we are younger but we continuously choose to ignore them and constantly get schooled.

Life is a problem. Its up to you wether you chose to deal with the problems sooner rather than later. Small problems are much easier to learn than big ones.

Listen to the signs, accept that life is full of lessons, learn to conquer them instead of being ignorant.

Love & Peace

Forever & Always

-Om Shanti-


It’s YOU that makes yourself feel the way you do, YES YOU!!!

I get tired of people blaming others for how they feel.

We live in an society where everyone else is to blame. It could never be your fault of course not!

Today Id like to prove to you how it is completely YOUR fault when you feel bad, neglected, you feel fat or you feel upset. YES, all of the above are down to you and all those feelings are coming from you, not from anyone else.

This is really easy to understand so bare with me for a moment. The blame game is for victims, victims don’t succeed, they always lose.

Lets say I call someone fat. Person number one is somebody I know to be confident and not bothered much by what anyone else says. Person number two is insecure and cares too much about what people think.

Me – Person number one: Dave, you are looking a bit fat, have you put on weight recently?

Dave: Your mum feeds me too much when I stay over at hers for the weekend.

Me – Person number two: Andrea, you are looking a bit fat, have you put on weight recently?

Andrea: OMG really? Is it bad? OMG I’m going to have to get on a diet again. Am I really looking that bad? (Goes home an hour later, cries and starts poking her belly blames me for being fat because I pointed it out, gets depressed, eats a cake)

Now imagine in both of those situations I was speaking and acting in exactly the same way, the same place, time and with all the same facial expressions etc

This shows how people act differently to what you say BUT also shows that each subject relates certain words to certain feelings. That means the person who is receiving the insult, reacting to a situation or emotionally connecting to an experience is the one who CHOSES to feel a certain way towards it.

I called someone fat they made joke out of it.

I called someone else fat and they decided to feel insecure, hurt and angry about it.

So was it me who MADE those people feel that way, or was it them who chose to react and feel however they chose to feel?

They chose to connect words to a feeling or an emotion, not me.

Remember when you were at school and someone called you ugly, you thought that you were definitely ugly, nobody would ever fancy you and you would only be able to hook up with other ugly people. These days if someone calls you ugly, you are like, well thank you, you must be insecure about yourself to be so rude and outspoken and your opinion doesn’t take any affect on me etc etc and you walk away not caring at all. (If you have mastered self love that is)

The same sentence, you are ugly – made you feel different each time. It was YOU who chose to feel differently this time because you have grown up and have taught yourself to think and act differently than you used too. Remember it is YOU who chose to do that, nobody else.

I could go through a million more examples but il leave it one for today. Its quite simple to understand and then just as simple to remediate once you realise what you are doing wrong. Quit playing the victim, stop playing the blame game and be responsible for your own emotions and feelings.

In this ERA we live in, humans are becoming extremely sensitive and do not wish to take the blame for anything. We make up a new disease or illness everyday so we can justify being a pathetic wreck. People eat to much food and then blame their weight gain on the fact that healthy food is too expensive or they have a thyroid disorder. The next person misses the bus, turns up late for work and is now ‘Suffering” with post traumatic stress disorder. Excuse after excuse. 

Take note of your mistakes and take responsibility.

Playing the victim will make you become a victim for life.

Know yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself.

Peace & Love

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-



There Is No Right Or Wrong – There Is Just Experience

There Is No Right Or Wrong – There Is Just Experience…

Yes, its 100% true.

Firstly judging something to be right or wrong is merely your perception. Perception is completely subjective. What I perceive of something may match another persons perception or view of  that something but it will not match the way everyone perceives that particular thing.

Still with me? I hope so 🙂

So there is no way anyone can judge something to be good or bad, right or wrong. Rules and regulations were once devised by someone just like me and you. They were created merely by someones beliefs and values. Who’s to say that person was correct?

These days we are taught how to think. We are taught what we should think is right or what we should think is wrong. People these days think they seem to have freedom over how they think, unfortunately they are very wrong. Ive found this conversation although it may seem a strange conversation to have at first, works well every time. To show that people don’t think for themselves read along.

Do you think its acceptable for a 40 year old man to sleep with a 16 year old girl?

Think about it and honestly answer the question.

Next question, do you think its acceptable for a 40 year old man to sleep with a 11 or 12 year old girl?

Im pretty sure you disagree with both.

The laws within the UK state that the age of consent where any man or women can engage in sexual activities is 16. Most people will still find it unacceptable that a 40 year old male can have sex with a 16 year old girl and it be completely normal and acceptable. They’d surely think that its disgusting and unacceptable, he’d be labelled a ‘Peado’ and pushed away by society. This shows that the person who made the rules decided this was ok but others disagree.

The second question Im sure you’re thinking WHAT THE HELL. Well, the age of consent in NIGERIA is 11, and the AOC in the Philippines is 12. They probably think waiting until the age of 16 is stupid and that us here in the UK are over pre cautious and have restrictive natures.

Who is right and who is wrong? 

Well Il tell you who is right, neither parties. It is merely an opinion and a subjective matter. When a female starts her period she is ready to procreate. The average age that females start ovulate is 12. If a body biologically sends off a sign to show it is ready to procreate then its ready. This is a natural human process and its a biological state that shows the body is ready. So who is to deem when someone is ready to have sex or not?

In a free world, nature should be the judge, not another human.

I chose this subject because people find it awkward as they have been conditioned to think this subject is a huge wrong or right. There is no age of consent in nature and animals breed whenever they are ready. Nature and the animal kingdom is working just fine. Extinction and low numbers of species etc is due to US humans destroying habitats or hunting, not due to peado polar bears and praying mantis’s that rape caterpillars.

We as a society throw our judgment around everyday. We are over opinionated and close minded. We believe what we think is certain and everyone else should agree. If they don’t, they are freaks, they are wrong, they are disgusting or they need to see a mental health doctor.

I was merely using that subject as proof to how you ‘naturally’ think and how quickly you can jump to the opinion of what YOU think is right and whats YOU think is wrong.

Now we have that cleared up I want to push onto to the next idea. Is rape wrong? Is death wrong? Is killing wrong? Is illness wrong?

Again I think you will naturally believe that rape, illness and killing are wrong, but are they?

What happens if I say to you, you are reincarnated as a human 1000 times before you can leave this dimension and ascend. In order to leave here and ascend you must learn to be able to create everything. Without experience in everything we cannot possibly recreate it ourselves. Every action whether you are giving or taking has an experience. In one life we must be the person who rapes someone and in another we must be the victim to the rape. The world couldn’t be created without balance. We need day and night, good and bad, warm and cold and so on. So we MUST experience first hand ALL EXPERIENCES to know all there is to know.

We tend to always ask the questions… why is there bad in the world? Why is there illnesses and people suffering? To simply answer this in short it is so that a soul can gain experience. Maybe a human experiencing suffering in this human life was a king or an emperor in the last. How do we know who has done what in which life. Maybe it is US who perceive that a person is suffering but, that person may not be suffering at all.

Can the perceiver be perceived? 

It is all merely an opinion. What we perceive is purely down to how the perceiver perceives things. We should not look at what is being perceived, instead we should look at the perceiver. Who are we and what are our values and beliefs. Judgement comes from the ego and not from the heart. When we truly think from the heart, nothing is right and nothing is wrong, everything is just an experience.

The next time you judge someone or a situation just think, is that person having an experience or learning a lesson on their journey. When a man kills another man, maybe the man being killed is ready to die, it is part of his journey and his time has come. Time funnily enough is again a perception created by a man just like me and you. Who says it is the right or wrong time for anything to happen. Why wait until you die of old age to complete your journey if you can finish it earlier?

Give these ideas some thought. Its always nice to learn a different way to perceive things.

Good luck on opening up your mind to new ideas and new possibilities.

Love & Peace

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


Learn To Let Go – Stress Edition

In every area of our life we seem to collect things more than we seem to let go or get rid of things. We love to hoard items and will happily fill our homes with clutter like ornaments, spares and empty bloody boxes JUST incase we need them again. This issue we have also applies to us. We go through life and create experiences, we live them, we cherish them, we look back at them and we hold on to them. The problem here is that we just don’t have enough mental space. Lack of space causes, physical and mental issues. Wether its having an untidy cluttered home or an untidy cluttered brain, we seem to suffer with the ability to let go.

When our homes or workplaces get untidy we tend to trip over things and injure ourselves which results to hopping around screaming at inanimate objects effing and blinding until our toe stops throbbing. At our workplace we end up losing things or creating so much clutter things get destroyed or lost in to the bin never to be found again. These problems start to become unhealthy and a tidy up usually follows or disasters would keep occuring.

The place that gets most neglected is our brain and ourself. We tend to clean up our physical obstacles before our mental ones. In reality most people actually never give themselves enough time to clean up their mental clutter and they end up creating mental and physical illnesses because of this. Stress is a huge problem in todays world. It is one of the biggest causes of heart related illnesses and tends to lead to other greater illness’s that can brings us closer and closer to death. Yes, people actually die of stress! 

The reason why we get stressed is actually pretty simple and I can imagine you have caught on already to what creates it. Mental clutter. Imagine your stress levels were pretty low. Lets compare your stress levels to a bed side table, at the moment you are chilled out and your bedside table is empty with nothing on it. You go to bed this evening and take a glass of water to bed with you and place it on the table. You wake up in the morning and forget that the glass was there and off to work you go. The next evening you got to bed with another glass of water and place it next to the old and think, tomorrow morning il move them both downstairs to be cleaned. You wake up in the morning in a rush because your alarm didn’t go off and you rush off to work leaving both glasses sitting on the table. That evening you take a cup of chamomile tea to bed and place it next to the two glasses and think, jees I seriously need to get rid of those glasses by tomorrow morning. Bare with me here. The next morning your dog dies and you start flapping around calling the vets and dealing with upset children running around and crying. That evening you take a cup of tea and some biscuits to bed, there isn’t much room left on the table so you edge the cup of tea on to the table so its just about sitting on the side and you lay the biscuits on top. The next morning your daughter comes in the room and jumps on you because she is still upset and wants to cuddle in bed before school. As she jumps on the bed a pillow nudges the table and knocks a glass which knocks over the cup of tea from last night, which knocks over the biscuits and the other glasses which end up smashing on the floor and a huge mess is created. There is old tea, glass, water and biscuits everywhere.

The table represents the stress levels in your life. You can only take on so much before you are full and when you are full just one nudge, one issue, can tip you over the edge and your health and mental state can quickly deteriorate causing a breakdown or a serious illness to form.

We hold onto too much in life without allowing ourselves to clear out old problems or issues. We give more time to those things that cause us stress and not enough time to things that help us get rid of it.

A simple tip is to practice becoming a bin. A bin without a bottom. This isn’t easy and it will take a lot of practice over time. Its all about going through life and living in the present moment and dealing with things as they come and go. At the end of each day you RELEASE everything negative and heavy and start fresh the next day. Most people are bins with bottoms. They get full, they jump inside the bin and stamp it down to try and fit more stress in. The bin overflows and starts to smell. Soon it becomes a health hazard. YOU become a health hazard to people around you and yourself. Be present and learn to reset yourself, do not try and hold onto everything and give less time to things that stress you out. Someone annoys you? Ignore them. Worried about the fact you may have gotten a speeding ticket today? Whats the point in worrying, seriously what will worrying do. Forget about it and wait and see. Get on with life, worrying does nothing. 

Stress causes negative thinking. Negative thinking causes stress. You see that circle you are getting yourself stuck in? 

Don’t allow for negative thoughts to take over your life. They will only lead you to manifest bad things into your future. If something bad happens, it happens. Deal with it and then let it go. Whats done is done. Allow it.


Lastly searching for quick fixes like alcohol to escape stress will only give you a temporary fix to a deeper problem. Find the source of what is causing you to get so stressed pin point it and learn to banish it. Money doesn’t solves stress. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Wealth is not health. Remember that.

Love & Peace

Forever & Always

-Om Shanti-


You Make Too Much Noise

People want to know, period.

You may want to know what people want to know. Well, people want to know everything.

Is there a god, are there aliens, what time does Game of Thrones start tonight, what are we eating for dinner this eve, what is considered a healthy diet, how much will it cost if I… and what will happen if i take this???

We want to know everything. The problem is people are always wanting to talk and wanting to know. There is rarely a quiet moment in anyones lives these days. You get up in the morning, the radio, the TV or some music goes on. The kids are shouting or your partner is arguing with you about odd socks or god knows what. Noise. You get in your car, you are concentrating on driving safely, you have the radio on or you are on the phone, either way you are continuously hearing external noises. You got to work, noise all day. You get home and again there are family members talking, kids shouting, the tv is on and there is no quietness to be found in any inch of the house. The funny thing is when you have an hour left before you go to bed and the kids are asleep, you sit down and watch the tv and absorb a load more noise. Noise is noise, but noise is also including distraction. Why do you avoid time to sit and enjoy silence? I know why. Number one you don’t think about or believe in the importance of silence and number two, you think being in silence is abnormal and you feel lonely or pointless being in utter silence.

What am i trying to get at here?

Silence is super duper important, that is what Im trying to get at here.

You think, like many others, life is learned by experiencing external experiences only. Silence equals nothingness and nothingness equals laziness or being boring. Well my friend you are very wrong.

There is much more to learn in the silence than there ever will be in the external noise you choose to live in everyday. Silence brings creativity, ideas, peacefulness, stillness, oneness, healing, and most of all, ANSWERS.

Long story short, when we are plucked from the bowl of souls, given a mission, a plan and a reason to be here as a human we have our memories wiped purely for the reason that life would be way to easy if we knew exactly why and what we were doing in this life. We would gain little no experience and we would deem many experiences too hard to do. Imagine if one of your chosen experiences was to lose a child, Im sorry but if that was on your to do list of experiences I don’t think you could quite complete that one. So, we are given tasks and experiences to complete but we are unaware of what we are to do and when we are to do them.

If at any stage of life you start wondering around thinking why are we here and what are we to do, you will most likely be going through an awakening stage. You will realise that you are on a journey and that your soul has ALL of the knowledge that you require to complete this journey. Getting in touch with your soul isn’t at all easy though. Its not a case of calling them up or asking it questions and immediately expecting answers. You have to be at peace with yourself, you have to work on many things, respect, discipline, balance, belief, stillness, oneness and most of all, how to control or tell the difference between your higher self (soul) and your ego.

Once you have learned to start to understand and listen to the soul and not the ego, it will give you guidance. What does this have to do with silence?

You can only here your soul speak when you are silent and the world around you is silent too.

How can you ever expect to ‘hear yourself think’ or speak to your soul for guidance if you are always surrounded by noise and distractions? You have to learn to find some time everyday to put things down and quieten the mind. If this is a new thing for you, don’t expect immediate results, like I said earlier, life isn’t supposed to be easy. You need to learn discipline, stillness, balance etc At the right time, you will be connected and be made aware of your journey and what lies ahead. Once you have connected to the source, life becomes confusing, difficult and one has to learn many more qualities to deal with the new life ahead. How I see life is –

You can either go through life being ignorant and lazy to only be reincarnated 100s of times over and over and end up as nothing in a continuous cycle OR you can accept your fate, you can tap into your source, listen to it, complete the mission and ascend never to come back here again. You think this life is about life and death? Procreation and loving families? It is not any of that my friend. You are playing a game, a very REALISTIC game and that game will keep recycling you until you understand you are in one and you can find a way out. The illusion of life is supposed to feel and look real down to every last detail, if it wasn’t, it would be to obvious it was an illusion.

I have never understood the Western part of the world. People are so ignorant and will quickly laugh and poke fun at the Eastern side of the world for the things that they do. The ‘ways’ they are ‘stuck’ in and how these little buddhist men shave there heads and sit around all day going ‘OMMmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Westerners seem to think Eastern philosophy is a pile of old crap and science is religion. I am a Westerner and I am white. Ive been brought up in a very normal Western world, around white people, schooled in a ‘normal’ school in Manchester, England. I love technology and science and im not at all religious. My parents where never spiritual when I grew up. I was just weird and not normal according to those around me. I was ‘always different’ and i taught myself how to think, how to do things and most of all i used my own thoughts, feelings and ways to work things out. As i’ve grown older Ive seeked guidance and help from people around me but i am not influenced by anyone and at the end of the day 99% of the time i work things out for myself. Id say Im very mentality strong, Ive served 9 years in the army as a foot soldier in the infantry and have completed a 7 month tour of Afghanistan. Ive been to many places and experienced many things that most people will never ever see or do in their lifetime. Im not rich and was never introduced to higher forms of education. I am just like anybody else. Somewhat normal. I think people must think im crazy when I talk about these things or I must live in ‘LA LA LAND’ but I can assure you if you are still reading this, 99% of people on this earth who are asleep, conditioned and think life only exists in a singular dimension called earth, they are living in LA LA Land. There is a REASON why your scientists invest an awful lot of money into STRING THEORY research. String theory is a scientific study around the theory that there are multiple dimensions and parallel universes. Funny that, this has been documented in ancient literatures and teachings that date back thousands of years found all over the EASTERN part of the world in both Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

You may be wondering why we aren’t taught this then if its such a real thing. Well there is a reason. Its something ‘THEY’ don’t want you to know. “They’ are the controllers, the secret societies, the governments etc They want you to be controlled and reliable on their faith and leadership for their power and control. I will touch on this subject more in depth in a later article. Just have a think now and then, what feels right and what feels wrong?

So, spend time finding your quiet place. Meditate and give yourself mind space. Listen to your soul and block out the ego. Let go of noise and distractions to give yourself some mental freedom everyday. Find yourself and know yourself. There is no need for a god right now, nor a religion, just connect with your soul and find out the truth.

Peace & Love 

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


The Blame Game – Who’s Fault Is It?

Humans are naturally sociable animals. Even if you are slightly unsociable like me you most probably have a job and still have to interact with others daily. This means we all spend time around others wether we like it or not. We all have the time to observe the people around us and how they act or react to certain situations. Today id like to get to the bottom of who is to blame when something goes wrong at work, at home or life in general.

Im pretty sure you come across someone everyday that is complaining about another person. About how that said person has done them wrong or caused an issue in their life and how it is ALL their FAULT. It seems to me that everyone themselves must be right and everybody that supposedly caused the issue is wrong. That means if you have an argument with a partner, you both go to work and bad mouth each other to colleagues and tell them how bad your partner is for creating an argument or a problem at home, you are both apparently right and neither of you are to blame. Obviously one of you is most likely wrong and the other most probably right.

Its easier to point the finger at another instead of pointing it at yourself. It is also a lot more easier to play the victim instead of being honest, open and having some integrity. The reason I chose this topic today is that people like to point and blame others but in the long run it will only make you a bad person and a weak one at that. Life as we spoke about in previous articles, is about becoming a better version of yourself daily. If we keep blaming others we will only continue to stay the same person we were yesterday. Life without growth is not life at all. Think about it, if a seed does not grow it does not live. It has no life. In life we NEED to grow to survive.

The hard work starts here. Number one we need to be self aware. We need to be aware that we are either constantly blaming others, or we are playing the victim. People who play the victim will always be a victim, it is simply called the ‘victim mentality’. Using victimisation as a get out of jail free card will only manifest that word right into you future and you WILL become a real victim to life. You are thinking and feeling like a victim. You are putting out to the universe you are a victim and it will only backfire on you. You are serving yourself with a personal dose of karma.

The blame game, also will come back at you in a different way. 99% of the time the issues and problems we see in others, the things we like to blame them for are actually things we are and hate about ourselves!!! YES. This is called the essene mirrors. This is very very real, wether you like to hear it or not. I, myself have been playing this game for many years unaware of what I was doing to myself. I would point the finger at other people and call them lazy, id tell them they were procrastinating and their output in life wasn’t enough. Guess who I was really talking about? ME. Yes, me. At the time I didn’t know this I just thought I could see that the other person was all of those things, but in reality I was pushing my problems on to another person unfairly. Now, I am aware of what I did and have learnt from my mistakes. If I have an issue with someone now, I first question my motives, how I feel and what I’m doing in life. I ask myself, ‘Is this me I’m about to shout at or complain about or is it really the other person that needs to be told?’

Ever been in a relationship where you are constantly, unhealthily get accused of speaking to other people? Well that person doing the accsuing is 100% talking or thinking about talking to others IF, you are not actually playing away. Meaning if you are a good person and you are not talking to other people, its certainly the blaming partner who is talking to others. We often reply with the response, ‘Guilty conscience?’. The accused person is showing the accuser a mirror, reflecting it right back at them because guess what the blamer is doing? Talking to others or thinking about it. WE BLAME OTHERS FOR OUR OWN MISTAKES OR ISSUES. Its just easier to blame others and point the finger, remember that.

I find this one is a very common happening. ‘The people at work are all assholes and they don’t listen to me!’ Well who’s the real asshole? Its most likely you who makes  those work colleagues act like that towards you. But you quickly play the victim AND the blame game at the same time and take no responsibility. Oh no, its not you? Well lets have a quick think about it. Ever been sat in a room, and punched yourself in the face, broke up with yourself and blamed all of the issues in your life on yourself? No you most likely haven’t. WHY? Because its easier to blame the next person you see and blaming yourself would be too painful. We hardly ever sit down and have a word with ourselves and think, you know what, it could be me, I could be the problem, how could a remediate this and that problem?

People – start taking responsibility for your own issues, insecurities and problems and start looking in the mirror. Nobody is perfect and we are all trying to become a better version of ourselves right?

Lastly, who are you, to judge anyone or to say who is right or wrong? You cannot pass judgement on anyone, you have no right. We are all equal and we are all one. Instead of trying to cause disconnect between people in life, try and create a connection. Together we are stronger and together we can grow much more efficiently.

So, look at yourself before you point the finger. Think about how you could be the problem instead of how others are the problem. STOP playing the victim, you will manifest a failing reality for yourself. Turn that finger around and point it in your own face and see how you like it before you do it to others. Take responsibility and learn from your mistakes. Do to others as you wish to be done to yourself. Always. GIVE to Receive, not the other way around.

Try going into work and be overly nice to those people, see what happens, try It for a week and see how much they change! You are an asshole, not them 🙂

And don’t forget – Peoples actions are a REACTION to your ACTIONS. What you do effects how others respond.

Peace & LOVE

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-