Take A Chance – Forget Being Logical

Throughout our lives we are presented with many great opportunities. Sometimes we take them and other times we don’t. 

Today Id like to try and convince you to take every single one, from this day onwards!

Read on.

Life is full of signs made just for you. Nothing is random and nothing is a coincidence. Believe if you don’t already just for the sake of this article that the signs in your life are purely for you and you only. 

When a new and different opportunity rises within your life it is usually a sign that new things are happening and you life path is presenting you with an opportunity to change its direction. There could be many reasons for this. Maybe you have been doing well in life recently or maybe you have become a better person. There is also the possibility that you are neutrally being presented with two paths, one is good and one is bad. Depending on your current attitude to your life at that specific given moment you will make a decision which path to follow. Lastly Id say that life will offer you a new path if you are coming towards the end of a lesson or experience and you need to take the leap to complete it. Id say this is the most difficult time to accept a new change. Sometimes our lessons can be short and sharp, other times they seem to last forever and like to bring us great pain and stress. This is the moment you really need to dig deep and fight to win and complete that lesson.

Lets roll with an example to make this easier to understand.

You are a young adult. You live at home with your parents, you have a secure job and friends around. Your soul journey requires you to leave home and to become independent. It is simply time to leave and take control over your own life completely. When your soul has a plan, it WILL win. Wether you give in now or in 5 years it will still shunt you along your path. The longer it takes the more pain you will receive from life because you keep ignoring the signs. This is almost like personal karma. You are being ignorant and at the same time you are only punishing yourself for it. Life has created an opportunity and you now have a chance to take a new job outside the area you currently live in. It pays better and it requires you to live away from home. You are a young adult and you should be ready to take on life by yourself and move out. You have two options, you can stay at home, keep your same life and go nowhere further on your journey or you can take the new opportunity and you can proceed onwards on your life path ready to conquer any new lessons and experiences that it has for you.

Most people want to play it safe and stay where they are comfortable. This is why we live in a world where people are born, they school, they work and they die. They become nobodies and they work jobs that have no use in this world. What do I mean by this? If you work in an office typing away on a computer, taking phone calls in a company that has no real meaning in life then you are a waste of a life. What are you and what is that company truly doing to contribute to the world? Most likely nothing. Don’t tell me you work at Tesco and people need food, that is not helping anything but Tesco make more money. Huge companies like Tesco are the kind of companies that crush small independent business’s around the world by forcing them out of business. So you work for the water board and help provide water to peoples homes? Again, no. You are helping a company that steals water from the earth that was originally free that then sells it back to you for a hefty price.

Anyways slightly off subject there but it is still is food for thought. I will continue that explanation in another article at a later date about becoming a wage slave.

Like I said before most people play it safe and amount to nobodies because they cannot some up the balls to make a leap of faith or to TAKE A CHANCE.

Lets say you did take the opportunity, well done you! There is much potential for this new pathway to lead to greater pathways and opportunities in your life ahead. You took the risk and it will always pay off… How do I KNOW THIS?  Well its pretty simple, sit still, become comfortable and become stagnant. Keep moving forward and stay fresh like a free flowing river. In life we must keep moving, keep learning and to keep experiencing new things. If we choose not to keep moving we will lose, become old and amount to nothing.

Lastly Id like to quickly touch upon the subject about being logical vs trusting your heart/gut.

You may have heard many times in life to always trust your gut instinct. Well this is the same as listening to your heart. Im sure you have made mistakes in life many of times when you’ve decided to be logical. You remember how at first you thought that your gut said to do the opposite thing but now its too late because you didn’t go with your initial response and you thought about things to long and changed your mind. The heart/gut instinct is always right, its almost like you already know the answer but your ego, your logical decision maker will jump in and make sure it has control. Your heart is always right and your logical decision maker the EGO is always wrong. Please realise this and next time you need to make a decision go with your first instinct and stop trying to be logical!

This will continually destroy opportunities in life if you allow the ego to take over. Go with you heart, not your head. Life like love has no tangible explanation. It cannot be formulated and it cannot be explained. You already know what is right and what is wrong. Trust in yourself. Believe in your intuition and be willing to take a chance. Playing it safe is just the next step to becoming stagnant. Your life WILL keep pushing you to try and guide you in the right direction. You can ignore it as much as you like but just be aware of the consequences that will follow. Do not be afraid of your soul, it is only helping you because it knows what you need to do. It only choses to punish you so you will wake up and listen. It has the map, the key and the journey, you are a team and it shall lead you to the right paths if you listen.

Be still – Be present – Take chances – Drop the ego

Om Shanti

Yours Truly


Stillness & Gratitude Are Life

I often find myself sitting in complete stillness. The stillness is completely unplanned, it just happens.

People associate stillness with laziness, with death and deem it as something pointless and time wasting. What if I could show you how stillness could save you time and add immense value to your life?

Moments ago I was sat in the darkness of my room doing nothing but being still. I had no plans and no will or effort to do anything.

Here I am moments later creating a blog post and being productive. So where did this sudden urge to write come from? The stillness of my mind and body.

Imagine for a moment if you may, that there is a little man living inside your head. Lets say for the sakes of this explanation, he has all the ideas and secrets you need to discover right there in his little home, your brain. He is sitting there waiting for you to call him up, ask him for guidance so that he can finally shower you with all the help, guidance and direction you need in life. The problem is with this is that most people do not wish to quieten the mind and to listen to this man. They believe that all the answers are outside of the mind, in the outside world. The truth is, you will find nothing outside because all of the answers are inside.

So, I invite you for a moment to sit in complete silence, in a comfortable position with all external lights, movements and sounds not present. Do not think of anything, think of nothing. If you cannot think of nothing, allow your thoughts to sprout one by one, let them come in and then let them go on. Just be present in the moment and allow all external noises to be gone. Listen to your inner self and allow your mind to wonder. You may be surprised by what you learn. If you practice this enough you will eventually do it naturally without planning on doing it. Ideas will flow more freely and you will be very surprised by how much more creative you become and how much more work you can get on with. Giving the mind a rest from the outside world will work wonders. Giving the little man in your head sometime to talk to you will be rewarding, trust me.

Your soul, also known as your higher self is there always. It has all the guidance and answers you need in this lifetime. You just need to learn to control your human self and learn to stop everything and be still.

STILLNESS is not just for sleeping and it is not about being lazy. Stillness is life, it is everything. Just be still and watch life keep moving, slow yourself down and learn to be present in the moment. Evaluate what Is actually happening in your life right now and just check that you are doing the right thing on your journey. We tend to run around all our lives rushing into things and not thinking about anything properly. We want more. We are greedy. We want more noise, we want more tv, we want more entertainment, we want people to be around us to talk to. We want to do the opposite to what we really should be doing. Society has its ways of leading us away from the good things and the right things we are supposed to be doing in life. All of this external noise is there to get your attention. Adverts, sex, material things, fashion, entertainment etc etc What use is any of this to your journey? None of it is. Its all about money, fashion and clothes are about money, sex is money, material things that have no real use are about money, entertainment is about spending money and food adverts with alcohol are all about stealing your hard earned money and to cause a distraction so you cannot focus on what is important. Sitting still is free. You get entertained and educated. You give your mind and body a rest and you may just create something that actually has purpose and use in your life.

Lastly Id like to talk about gratitude. A friend of mine today ranted on the phone about someone that has been disloyal to me recently, they lied about something they should not have and they caused a pointless issue within my current life situation. Instead of being angry along with them I said look, what will be, will be and if they’ve lied and changed a path in my life then just let it be. Sometimes things we perceive as bad things in life could always have the potential of being a good thing. We do not know right now how that thing could change our life for the good! Be open to ideas and be grateful of every moment and experience you have in life. Bad things as we see them may not always be bad things. Just be present, just be grateful you are alive and happy on this journey we are on together. Be thankful of all that is around you and just think how god damn lucky you are to have what you have. There is always a thousand people who have it much worse than you do if you believe you have it bad. Just be grateful you are not in their position. You have your health, you have what you need and thats all that matters. Silly things like liars, cheaters and people who want to mess your life up are not worth the time or the upset. Block out the haters and keep your frequency high.

Stay balanced and stay neutral. Deal with things as they come and just be forever present. If you can live in the now, you will have no worries about tomorrow and you will not hold onto what happened yesterday. 

Be still, be present and be grateful. 

Om Shanti

Yours Truly