Life is like a…

I want you to quite simply think of your life and your life experiences as a burning hot fire…

A fire is both good and bad. It produces heat that can save life or end it. It can be extremely destructive and cause darkness and destruction or it can be controlled and tamed to produce a wonderful source of light. Fire is BOTH good and bad.

Think of the way you deal with life as a fire. You can jump into the fire and burn yourself. You can steer clear of a fire and feel nothing. And finally you can dance with the fire, feeling it’s heat, using its energy and quite simply understanding it without it causing any harm whatsoever.

Now what does this have to do with life???


You can be reckless and inpatient. You can be angry and spiteful. You can rude and uncaring. You can be the darkness and the poison. All of these actions and emotions you allow to enter your life and take over you are exactly like running into a hot fire and either burning yourself or dying. You will get nowhere in life acting like this. You are just producing a huge amount of karma and issues that you don’t need to be continuously dealing with.

You can also be scared and insecure. You can be lazy and negative. You can be comfortable and easy going. You can be unbothered and uninterested. These feelings and actions would lead you to walk around the fire and to steer clear of it completely. This way of life will give you no experience or gain. You don’t learn unless you are curious and interested. This is basically like being on auto pilot and riding through life just being comfortable. This style of life is pointless, it creates no success.

Finally you could be understanding and loving. You could be patient and curious. You can be adventurous and aware. You can positive and helpful. These feelings and emotions would lead you to dance with the fire. To dance with the fire you can learn the fire. Learning about the fire and what it can do will greatly increase your chances of success in life. The fire brings light, it brings energy, it brings warmth and happiness. The fire is a useful tool but it does require a little understanding, patience and effort to learn how to dance with it. It is not for the lazy or the non doers in life. Take risks in life and be ready to feel a burn here and there but just be knowing that you will eventually be able to control and cradle the fire for your needs and growth.

You choose your path in life. Don’t be upset if it doesn’t go the way you want it to go. Evaluate your actions and beliefs. Could you be a kinder person? More adventurous? Harder working? More considerate? Selfless?

All actions have consequences. Think about what you are manifesting isn’t your own existence. Be conscious of your actions. Every actions has an equal reaction, remember that…

Be wise

Don’t tell lies

Take a chance

And learn to dance

Yours truly


Om Shanti

The True Cause & Cure To Insecurity

Nowadays it seems like a very large percentage of the population suffer with insecurity issues. The majority of this percentage will firstly not admit they are at all insecure but even if they do, they will proceed to blame this insecurity issue on someone else.

It is his fault I am like this, I wasn’t like this before…

What I am about to say is 100% a fact, it is YOUR fault you are like this nobody else’s. Bare with me for a moment and let me see if I can help you understand why.

Insecurity stems from the emotion fear. It is created by you because you do not have enough self love for yourself. Society has majorly influenced this state of mind up on you but it is purely up to you to change this way of feeling or thinking. Social media, movies, music, fashion etc etc are all powered by money. Without money none of these things would exist. To make money they must first take YOUR money. To do so they sell a fake way of life. An unreal way of living and a completely unnatural desire to look a certain way to be accepted. Society is like a cult, if you cant be apart of it then you will be rejected and bullied. People strive daily to consciously and unconsciously fit into society. We buy fancy cars, houses, clothes, make up, shoes, bags etc etc We become members to societies, groups and clubs just to rank higher in a pretend social society. We force ourselves to do uncomfortable things and spend ridiculous amounts of money just to FIT IN. We think this is normal, but it is so far from normal.

I mean who is Michael Kors and what are those watches all about? You bought the watches, then you bought the bags and now you are buying cameras from MK’s??? I am a professional photographer and il tell you for free I would NEVER even consider buying a bloody camera from MK’s… What on earth is happening? You are being constantly suckered in to WANT TO FIT IN. You don’t need or most likely truly don’t even like the things you buy, but you still continue to do so. You do all of this to fit in because if you didn’t, nobody would look at you, talk to you, care about you and you’d lose friends etc THAT is the truth 100%.

So society shapes you this way and its all because you FEAR not fitting in or being accepted by other people. This is insecurity. The lack of faith and belief in yourself as a pure and NAKED human being. Take away the make up, the handbags, the heels and the clothes, who are you???


Do you really want to go through life wasting time and money buying these things just to feel wanted? You shouldn’t have to and it doesn’t have to be this way. Your FAKE ways bring you FAKE friends and you live in a FAKE life that will bring you nothing.

Now we have that understanding out the way and hopefully understood we need to find out how we can fix our issues. Yes it is an issue and the only way to make progression personally is to firstly accept that you do have a problem. Just like anxiety and depression, insecurity is just as big of a mental illness. Ive seen plenty of people break down over being insecure. Ive also seen people create huge huge problems in other peoples lives around them as they cannot bare to deal with their own issues. So, save yourself money, time and problems by learning this simple technique and way of life which you can start putting into action TODAY!!!

Insecurity is simply LACK OF SELF LOVE. Yes, you do not love yourself at all, or enough. Once you fully teach yourself to fully ACCEPT and LOVE yourself you will never feel insecure ever again.

So how do we start?

Saying and doing are two completely different things. Saying – I LOVE MYSELF is easy, actually 100% feeling the love is a different thing. We can start off small and work towards infinitely feeling loved by ourselves. At first it will take some time like anything that is worth doing, there is no quick fix. Be patient and just be willing to want to change.  Firstly I want you to understand, life is pretty much written. The family you chose at birth, the school you went too, the friends that surround you were already supposed to be. Insecurity was supposed to be if you do suffer from it, but if you are reading this then id imagine you are on a path to find a fix. So now you know life is practically written (plus some free will thrown in for a bit of extra experience) you will understand that if you put in the effort in life and try hard you will find what you are looking for. (If you do not believe then believe it for the sake of this) Most of us in life are looking for the perfect partner. Even if right this moment you are not thinking about that, one day you will most likely realise that this is a major part of your journey. We want the perfect person and feel like we will do anything to achieve this. The TRUTH is the prefect person IS out there for you. The TRUTH is that perfect person WILL accept you for who you are in your REAL and NATURAL state. The REAL you will attract the REAL partner. The fake you will only ever ever ever ever ever attract the wrong person. They were attracted to you with make up on, with fake eyelashes on, with those fancy clothes on etc etc THAT IS NOT YOU. Ever been with a partner who doesn’t treat you the same when you don’t have your hair done, make up done and you are dressed in an unattractive way? Of course you have. The guy is attracted to the fake you, the real you…not so much. Why would you not want to be able to be free, relaxed and comfortable and STILL be looked at or treated the same? I have always accepted partners the way they are, without make up, baggy clothes, dealt with them farting in front of me or leaving skids and poo on the bottom of the toilet. It is them in their natural state, if you like or love them, they should be able to feel like they can just be. So, you can be natural and you can fart in front of your partner if they full love and accept you etc What you need to understand is that if you cannot do these things, that person you are with is THE WRONG PERSON, hands down 100% not the right one for you. You may think he/she is and you may WANT them BUT they are wrong, FACT.

Now we have cleared that up and you are attracting the wrong people you need to attract the real people. Like i said before you need to be the natural you. Until you let your guard down and stop being dressed up in pointless expensive material things that ‘make you feel better about yourself’ you wont learn to self love and you wont find your perfect partner. There is a great saying that springs to my mind when thinking about this and it is –

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…

This is basically saying when you have learnt to self love properly you will find just what you have been looking for. An honest you will find an honest partner.

So quite simply you need to drop the fake you, let go of all material egoistic crap in your life you use to cover up your insecurities and just be natural. Next you need to accept that when you are real, life will be real with you. If you are going to portray yourself as a lie, with make up etc you will only attract a lying partner too. This is simply the law of attraction, you manifest what you give out. You will get back just what you put out there.  Next you need to say –

I am who I am. I know who I am and what I am capable of and thats all I need to know…

You then ACCEPT fully who you are what you LOOK like. This is you, you are unique, there is nobody that can be you or look like you. How wonderful is that? You are special and you are totally original. Don’t worry about people that may leave you or perceive you in a different way, they are fake friends or people you don’t need in your life. Ditch those that are like this and make some new friends. Friends that are as real as you are. They are the only friends you will ever need around you. Realise fully that you are perfect in every way. When you realise this your real friends will accept you for who you are and your real partner will do so too. Stop worrying about your nose, your mole, your hairline or you body shape, they are actually all perfect pieces to your unique make up and they are there to attract the real guy or girl you want in your life. Idolising celebs is just plain stupid. How many girls out there used to or still fancy Chris Brøwn? Of course there are loads, but imagine having him as boyfriend? He’d bite you, punch you in the face and cheat on you within a day. If you don’t know what Im talking about a few years back he beat up and bit Rihanna, another music artist. Is that the kind of relationship you are after? Of course not, you are just idolising the way some looks from a material and egoistic perspective. Drop these habits. Just being attractive means nothing. You don’t know who these people are or what they are like inside. Be realistic and be truthful to yourself.

So finally, stop chasing fake people and unrealistic desires. Be real and be true to yourself. Stop using material things to cover up how you feel about yourself. Be natural and be attractive naturally. You are you, you are not your handbag, your shoes or your car. Let the inner you flow and don’t be afraid to be weird. I LOVE weird, weird is wonderful. I cannot stand fake things, people or material objects. Start slowly and make small changes until you can fully understand that you don’t need anything to stand out. Start by taking off the watch, your phone has the time. And then just work up slowly until you can get rid of everything you don’t need! I have a friend that drives a very nice Mercedes, he carries his belongings in a Tesco bag! Why? Because why not, who does he have to prove anything too? The grocery bag does just as good as job as any other bag would. There is no need to spend money just to show off or to fit in.

Let us be free of our insecurities. Let us be SELF AWARE and let us ACCEPT OURSELVES for who we truly are.

I hope this wasn’t too long winded but I felt that to understand this issue truly and deeply was as important as finding the cure for it.

P.S Im sitting in costa coffee at the very front of the shop. I keep relaxing closing my eyes and drifting off into miniature meditations. Can people see me? Of course they can, do I give a shit, NO 🙂 Peoples opinions mean nothing, your own opinion means everything. None of these peoples views or opinions of me matter at all. I will be who I wish to be, if I can attract other weirdos then cool, lets be WEIRD TOGETHERRRRR 🙂


Yours truly


-Om Shanti-



You Can Lead A Horse To Water…

Paulo Coelho, the great author of one of my favourite books – The Alchemist, once said, “Don’t waste your time with explanation. People only listen to what they want to hear.”

This is a great and true saying. People will only listen to what they want to listen to, no matter how hard you try to change them.

In this article Id like to talk about how you are wasting your time trying to help people who do not wish to be helped.

We all want to help, well most of us do. We try to guide others to help them avoid failure and misery as much as we can but it doesn’t always work. Why? The truth is, everyone is on their own journey. They simply are who they are. If you ever manage to change someone that actually never physically asked to change, the change will never last. Ive seen people go months with a completely different attitude and mindset to life and it was pleasant to see. Ive also seen these people suddenly change back to just how they were when they started out before you offered your guidance. The truth is, you wasted your time. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. People often get stuck in their ways and believe they understand life and can deal with it just fine. Im not here to judge people on right and wrong but most of the time these people are fronting that they are ok and they are doing just fine. These same people I’ve seen suffering with insecurities, lack of self love, depression, anxiety and all sorts of confusions about what is going on in their world. You see their weaknesses, sometimes you expose them for them to see, sometimes they fight back, other times they accept it and try to change. 99% of the time even if you get a slight glimpse of hope that they can progress, they regress and go back to just how they were.

The only people who can truly change are the ones that WANT to change themselves.

These are the people you and I can help. You cannot chose who you wish to change, they kind of have to chose you!

I say, offer your help to everyone. If they want it, they will take it, if they don’t then don’t worry about it. We have all tried to help those that we TRULY CARE about but it just doesn’t work like that. We have to let them do what they want and thats all we can do. You and I both no that slandering others for example is wrong, it shows lack of self love, judgment from the ego and insecurity but does the person that is doing so truly understand this? Do they even care? Do they want to learn how to self love and not be so insecure and judgmental anymore? The answer is, it doesn’t matter. You have to just let people be. We must not make judgements of others or try and fix them without their consent. Maybe they are supposed to stay broken… It is probably their journey.

Focus on you and you only until somebody truly wants your help. We naturally care for others but trust me, you will only waste time and energy trying to fix something that wants to stay broken. The suffering around us feels so real and the people seem so lost… its just how they have to be. It is right for their journey at this current moment in time.

Lastly do not be angered by the people that throw help back in your face. We’ve all had it happen to us. Its ok. Let them be angry, let them be spiteful, let karma teach them a lesson 🙂 Trust in the universe, trust in your soul and LOVE unconditionally. JUST BE.

Be Grateful

Be True 

BeLIEVE In Yourself 

And Love All That Can Be Loved 🙂

Yours Truly


-Om Shanti-

Listen To Your Heart – Not Your Head!!!

In day to day life we are confronted with many opportunities to make decisions. Unfortunately many people struggle with this process due to fear, fear of making the wrong or incorrect decision.

The simple reason this happens is because of duality. Duality is when two almost contrasting things happen at the same time. It maybe that this duality is a good thing or a bad thing, but in this instance it becomes an issue and an annoyance. There seems to be a strong dichotomy between the HEART and the MIND which continues to create imbalances in our thought process.

There is no on and off switch in the mind. Most of the time we cannot even tell the difference between the heart and the mind when you ask for guidance or when you ask yourself to make a decision. We usually get an initial heart response followed by a logical brain response that will completely override our initial thought process.

Today Id like to help you learn to make the right decisions. Your heart always has the right answer, always. Your mind is not the friend you think it is. It will happily lead you astray and to places you never wanted to go. Curiosity killed that cat. Remember that!

Do not mind, the mind.

Try to stop the mind from controlling your true decisions and feelings. The mind will always lie to you, its kind of like the government. How? Well the government are more than willing to tell you some truths just to get you on their side. They sucker you in, make you feel like they protect you and care for you and when they have you under their control, BAM they lie to you and induce fear into your heart and life. The reason they get away with appearing that they never lied to you is because they lured you in with a high percentage of truth and facts etc You believe they are honest and you put your trust into them so when they do decide to tell lies, you don’t believe they are lies, you believe they are honest and that they wouldn’t do such a thing to you.

Your mind works very much the same way. Sometimes it helps you make safe logical decisions, those small practical decisions like not to head butt the window or to jump into a fire. You believe your mind is there for you and has your back. The problem is, is that it doesn’t have your back, it is your enemy. How crazy does that sound? MAD right? Wrong. The mind is very much powered by the ego. The ego WANTS to control you, its wants to survive inside of you and will do whatever it takes to do so. The ego is both good and bad. When you are young the ego wants to teach you, this is a good thing, it is something we need. As we get older we should try and drop the ego and learn to let it not control us. The ego makes us do silly things like when we get angry and we lose control or when we feel hurt and we act spitefully etc etc The ego becomes more of a problem the older and wiser we become. We must learn to control it or it will continue to control us. It lives in duality with the heart and they both fight for the right to speak. Unfortunately the heart is much quieter than the mind and usually always loses if you are untrained to differentiate between the two voices. 

Do not allow the mind to continue to sabotage your ability to understand or experience the truth. Forget logic, the truth and the right way for YOU to do things isn’t always logical. Life doesn’t need to be logical. I know you are thinking, of course it does! NO. Look, you spend life searching for love, love has no logical meaning, definition or explanation it is just LOVE. You want it, you yearn for it and you will do anything to feel it. Love is not logical and you run after it! So don’t tell me life has to be logical at all 🙂

Forget logic and stop allowing the mind to question your hearts response to a question or  decision it has to make. It may seem initially illogical but it will always work out. Go with your heart always. You will not regret it!

Lastly your mind and ego will make hasty regrettable decisions for you when you are in a place of hurt. This is when you are most vulnerable to a potential sabotage by your ego. Be patient when you are angry and upset, hold off, even if it is really hard to do so. You will most likely end up making the worst decision of your life and potentially get yourself into a bigger mess. Teach yourself to remain calm and listen to your heart when you have withdrawn from the problem that is causing the pain.

P.S Your mind has been there with you since you where born. It WILL be hard to retrain yourself to think or to make decisions BUT you can do it.

Trust you heart, trust your journey and be loving always.

Act out of order, or make a bad decision will only lead to creating bad karma for yourself. 

Much love

Yours truly


-Om Shanti-

When Its Time To Move On – Move On

I can see this button at the bottom right of WordPress editor that says – MOVE TO TRASH.

Moving on in life seems to be one of the hardest things we have to face. Whether we are going through a recent break up or someone close to us has passed away, it just never seems to be the easy thing to do.

The problem is the longer we hold on to what is dragging us down – attachment – the longer it will take for us to get over the situation. The quicker we can MOVE TO TRASH, the faster we can get on with post processing the pain and hurt we may feel.

All I want to speak about today is not to judge yourself too much on the way you are feeling whilst in this situation & to get on with it asap! It is ok to temporarily feel pain, hurt, anger, betrayal etc The thing is you have to get yourself together and do what you have to do to make the process as quick as possible. This could mean getting rid of all connection with someone, or to remove all the items in your space away or into the bin that remind you of them. Holding on will only make you suffer more, you have to be cruel to be kind. So don’t feel bad if you need to totally remove someone from your life completley. Be thankful of the experience they gave you, good or bad and allow the process of moving on to take a full action. The more energy and time you give to the person who has gone, whether you are grieving, mourning, feeling betrayed, feeling left behind or hurt, the less energy and time you have to give, to moving forward.

So today is just a very short blog about letting go and moving on. If the person you have lost unfortunately passed away, they wouldn’t want you to feel hurt and to feel depressed about it all, they’d surely want you to be happy and to get a hold of yourself. If you have suffered a break up then forget about them, they clearly don’t care and they will be moving on much quicker than you most likely. You can sit there and play the, I will wait a certain period of time to move on and waste your life away or you can just get on with it and get a plan in to action. Moving on quickly doesn’t mean you don’t care for that person you lost, it just means you have to care about yourself and your feelings. You can either sit there and wallow in pain and suffering or just simply move on, move to trash and get the ball rolling.

Ive sat and waited before and nothing happened. If anything you toy with your mind and start to doubt yourself. Keep your chin up, hold your head high and keep your focus on bigger and better things.

Just remember to please look after yourself first and foremost. 

Be positive and keep your expectations high. 

All my unconditional love

Yours truly


-Om Shanti-





Take A Chance – Forget Being Logical

Throughout our lives we are presented with many great opportunities. Sometimes we take them and other times we don’t. 

Today Id like to try and convince you to take every single one, from this day onwards!

Read on.

Life is full of signs made just for you. Nothing is random and nothing is a coincidence. Believe if you don’t already just for the sake of this article that the signs in your life are purely for you and you only. 

When a new and different opportunity rises within your life it is usually a sign that new things are happening and you life path is presenting you with an opportunity to change its direction. There could be many reasons for this. Maybe you have been doing well in life recently or maybe you have become a better person. There is also the possibility that you are neutrally being presented with two paths, one is good and one is bad. Depending on your current attitude to your life at that specific given moment you will make a decision which path to follow. Lastly Id say that life will offer you a new path if you are coming towards the end of a lesson or experience and you need to take the leap to complete it. Id say this is the most difficult time to accept a new change. Sometimes our lessons can be short and sharp, other times they seem to last forever and like to bring us great pain and stress. This is the moment you really need to dig deep and fight to win and complete that lesson.

Lets roll with an example to make this easier to understand.

You are a young adult. You live at home with your parents, you have a secure job and friends around. Your soul journey requires you to leave home and to become independent. It is simply time to leave and take control over your own life completely. When your soul has a plan, it WILL win. Wether you give in now or in 5 years it will still shunt you along your path. The longer it takes the more pain you will receive from life because you keep ignoring the signs. This is almost like personal karma. You are being ignorant and at the same time you are only punishing yourself for it. Life has created an opportunity and you now have a chance to take a new job outside the area you currently live in. It pays better and it requires you to live away from home. You are a young adult and you should be ready to take on life by yourself and move out. You have two options, you can stay at home, keep your same life and go nowhere further on your journey or you can take the new opportunity and you can proceed onwards on your life path ready to conquer any new lessons and experiences that it has for you.

Most people want to play it safe and stay where they are comfortable. This is why we live in a world where people are born, they school, they work and they die. They become nobodies and they work jobs that have no use in this world. What do I mean by this? If you work in an office typing away on a computer, taking phone calls in a company that has no real meaning in life then you are a waste of a life. What are you and what is that company truly doing to contribute to the world? Most likely nothing. Don’t tell me you work at Tesco and people need food, that is not helping anything but Tesco make more money. Huge companies like Tesco are the kind of companies that crush small independent business’s around the world by forcing them out of business. So you work for the water board and help provide water to peoples homes? Again, no. You are helping a company that steals water from the earth that was originally free that then sells it back to you for a hefty price.

Anyways slightly off subject there but it is still is food for thought. I will continue that explanation in another article at a later date about becoming a wage slave.

Like I said before most people play it safe and amount to nobodies because they cannot some up the balls to make a leap of faith or to TAKE A CHANCE.

Lets say you did take the opportunity, well done you! There is much potential for this new pathway to lead to greater pathways and opportunities in your life ahead. You took the risk and it will always pay off… How do I KNOW THIS?  Well its pretty simple, sit still, become comfortable and become stagnant. Keep moving forward and stay fresh like a free flowing river. In life we must keep moving, keep learning and to keep experiencing new things. If we choose not to keep moving we will lose, become old and amount to nothing.

Lastly Id like to quickly touch upon the subject about being logical vs trusting your heart/gut.

You may have heard many times in life to always trust your gut instinct. Well this is the same as listening to your heart. Im sure you have made mistakes in life many of times when you’ve decided to be logical. You remember how at first you thought that your gut said to do the opposite thing but now its too late because you didn’t go with your initial response and you thought about things to long and changed your mind. The heart/gut instinct is always right, its almost like you already know the answer but your ego, your logical decision maker will jump in and make sure it has control. Your heart is always right and your logical decision maker the EGO is always wrong. Please realise this and next time you need to make a decision go with your first instinct and stop trying to be logical!

This will continually destroy opportunities in life if you allow the ego to take over. Go with you heart, not your head. Life like love has no tangible explanation. It cannot be formulated and it cannot be explained. You already know what is right and what is wrong. Trust in yourself. Believe in your intuition and be willing to take a chance. Playing it safe is just the next step to becoming stagnant. Your life WILL keep pushing you to try and guide you in the right direction. You can ignore it as much as you like but just be aware of the consequences that will follow. Do not be afraid of your soul, it is only helping you because it knows what you need to do. It only choses to punish you so you will wake up and listen. It has the map, the key and the journey, you are a team and it shall lead you to the right paths if you listen.

Be still – Be present – Take chances – Drop the ego

Om Shanti

Yours Truly


Be Present – Be Happy – Be Alive

My life is beautiful and so is yours

You can only truly understand how life is so beautiful if you are living in the now.

What is the now?

The now is simply right now. It is the present and it is factually the only time you can ever be alive in.

You are not alive yet tomorrow and you cannot be alive yesterday because it has gone.

To be alive in the now is all that you can be. But to truly live in that time mind and body seems for most people to be a near impossible thing to do.

Why would you want to live in the present?

True beauty, true peacefulness and true happiness are only accessible in the now.

We can’t strive to be a happier person in the future, as the future does not exist. The same way we cannot find peace in a time and place that is completely unknown. We can only feel anything in the time zone we are currently in.

As I said just a moment ago, people find it difficult to live in the present time even though it is the only time one can live and function in.

The reason for this is because people spend all their mental time in the past or in the future and their bodies spend all the time in the present moment. So mind and body are not in the same place to start off with. As the body is in one time zone, the mind is wondering off into another, how can one possible be in line with themselves? How can they even find peace, happiness or anything if they aren’t wholly in one place at a single moment??? Bit crazy when you think about it right? But this is very very common throughout the world. People are so concerned about what may or may not happen tomorrow or thinking too much about what happened yesterday they cannot settle in this present moment. We have no control over what has happened in the past yet we focus so much of our lives into it? We also spend so much time worrying about or future yet the future doesn’t even exist and even when it does exist we can only live in it presently? What what what!?! Yes it sounds confusing but you are making it that way.

Mind and body need to work synergistically to function as one powerful tool. When the mind and body are together as one they are in harmony. Harmony brings truly great things, feelings and well, just greatness. We can only be great if we are forever present.

As I’ve said before in a previous post, anxiety stems from not having control of the future. Depression is created by the inability to let go of the past. People create these mental illnesses purely by not learning to be ever present. Being present is so simple yet nobody wants to get involved.

I have an MOT due on my car this week. It may fail it may pass. It’s most likely going to fail than too pass. I have no money to get it fixed if it does fail and I need my car for work. What can I do???

I start off by not giving a shit. When it goes in for its MOT, what will happen will happen. I have no control over the outcome no matter how many empty cans of monster energy drink I take out of it. There is at least 100 empty cans covering the back carpets and the front, I have no shame 🙂 I deal with the matter in the moment it is happening and I worry about it when it comes along. What will worrying about it do for me now? It would cause unnecessary stress and worry. I don’t need any of that on a Sunday night, no thank you! Let me just be present in this moment, I’m warm, I’m dry, I am well fed, I am healthy and alive and I am happy. That is all that matters. I feel happy, I feel grateful and I feel peaceful.

If you chose to worry, that is your problem. If you chose to let past things people have done or said to you bother you right now in this moment, you are only causing yourself unnecessary stress and harm. It is purely self inflicted pain even if you believe someone else has caused it, you are still allowing it to effect you right in this present moment. Forget about it all. It’s gone, it is not here right now!

I just want everybody to be happy. How much nicer would life be if everybody could be happy, present and display gratitude in their daily lives?! Chop that cucumber into three and just take the middle part, leave the rest! You don’t need to hold onto the past, it is useless. You cannot take the future into your hands as it doesn’t exist. Hold on to the central time, it is the only way you will win!

Please just be. Here and now. Forever and always. 

Om Shanti

Yours truly


Stillness & Gratitude Are Life

I often find myself sitting in complete stillness. The stillness is completely unplanned, it just happens.

People associate stillness with laziness, with death and deem it as something pointless and time wasting. What if I could show you how stillness could save you time and add immense value to your life?

Moments ago I was sat in the darkness of my room doing nothing but being still. I had no plans and no will or effort to do anything.

Here I am moments later creating a blog post and being productive. So where did this sudden urge to write come from? The stillness of my mind and body.

Imagine for a moment if you may, that there is a little man living inside your head. Lets say for the sakes of this explanation, he has all the ideas and secrets you need to discover right there in his little home, your brain. He is sitting there waiting for you to call him up, ask him for guidance so that he can finally shower you with all the help, guidance and direction you need in life. The problem is with this is that most people do not wish to quieten the mind and to listen to this man. They believe that all the answers are outside of the mind, in the outside world. The truth is, you will find nothing outside because all of the answers are inside.

So, I invite you for a moment to sit in complete silence, in a comfortable position with all external lights, movements and sounds not present. Do not think of anything, think of nothing. If you cannot think of nothing, allow your thoughts to sprout one by one, let them come in and then let them go on. Just be present in the moment and allow all external noises to be gone. Listen to your inner self and allow your mind to wonder. You may be surprised by what you learn. If you practice this enough you will eventually do it naturally without planning on doing it. Ideas will flow more freely and you will be very surprised by how much more creative you become and how much more work you can get on with. Giving the mind a rest from the outside world will work wonders. Giving the little man in your head sometime to talk to you will be rewarding, trust me.

Your soul, also known as your higher self is there always. It has all the guidance and answers you need in this lifetime. You just need to learn to control your human self and learn to stop everything and be still.

STILLNESS is not just for sleeping and it is not about being lazy. Stillness is life, it is everything. Just be still and watch life keep moving, slow yourself down and learn to be present in the moment. Evaluate what Is actually happening in your life right now and just check that you are doing the right thing on your journey. We tend to run around all our lives rushing into things and not thinking about anything properly. We want more. We are greedy. We want more noise, we want more tv, we want more entertainment, we want people to be around us to talk to. We want to do the opposite to what we really should be doing. Society has its ways of leading us away from the good things and the right things we are supposed to be doing in life. All of this external noise is there to get your attention. Adverts, sex, material things, fashion, entertainment etc etc What use is any of this to your journey? None of it is. Its all about money, fashion and clothes are about money, sex is money, material things that have no real use are about money, entertainment is about spending money and food adverts with alcohol are all about stealing your hard earned money and to cause a distraction so you cannot focus on what is important. Sitting still is free. You get entertained and educated. You give your mind and body a rest and you may just create something that actually has purpose and use in your life.

Lastly Id like to talk about gratitude. A friend of mine today ranted on the phone about someone that has been disloyal to me recently, they lied about something they should not have and they caused a pointless issue within my current life situation. Instead of being angry along with them I said look, what will be, will be and if they’ve lied and changed a path in my life then just let it be. Sometimes things we perceive as bad things in life could always have the potential of being a good thing. We do not know right now how that thing could change our life for the good! Be open to ideas and be grateful of every moment and experience you have in life. Bad things as we see them may not always be bad things. Just be present, just be grateful you are alive and happy on this journey we are on together. Be thankful of all that is around you and just think how god damn lucky you are to have what you have. There is always a thousand people who have it much worse than you do if you believe you have it bad. Just be grateful you are not in their position. You have your health, you have what you need and thats all that matters. Silly things like liars, cheaters and people who want to mess your life up are not worth the time or the upset. Block out the haters and keep your frequency high.

Stay balanced and stay neutral. Deal with things as they come and just be forever present. If you can live in the now, you will have no worries about tomorrow and you will not hold onto what happened yesterday. 

Be still, be present and be grateful. 

Om Shanti

Yours Truly




The Circle Of Life – Do Not Get Attached

So, quite recently I’ve been through a break up. It ended in an unusual way but it was much more pleasant than usual, I will explain more further on…

Its unfortunate that our issues could not be resolved but life is what it is.

I always eat my words, I wouldn’t be able to write these blogs with full honesty and integrity if I didn’t. I see myself as an authentic person and I will always stay true to myself and the things that I say.

In this blog Id like to quickly run over a lesson I was taught in a relationship or two ago, it may just help you in the future so bare with me!

I broke up with a girl a while back and I really struggled with the post break up. It hit me when I was least expecting it because we had a good relationship. Her mother had gotten  too involved and destroyed the relationship by manipulating the girls mind. Her mother was controlling and lonely so she wanted to be there all the time and gain ultimate control over mine and her actions. I rebelled and the relationship soon ended as her mum managed to turn her against me.

The lesson here was attachment.

I didn’t even love the girl, it was only just over three months in. The relationship was good at the time but I’m super happy I am out of it looking back from today. What made the break up so difficult was that Id gotten too attached to this girl and I soon had it taken away from me. I was devastated and it took me a good 3 full weeks to get my head straight.

At the time I didn’t know what the lesson was but like most lessons we don’t really know what they are until they have been and gone. We need time out of the situation and then more time to evaluate what has happened and then, we can work out what it was trying to teach us. Looking back at it now, like I said before, it was a lesson to not get attached to people.

So how do we have a relationship without being attached? Can we still love someone and not be attached? Can a relationship be normal without attachment?


We can have a relationship without attachments of course. Attachment is not love and love isn’t an attachment. Attachment stems from the emotion fear. Fear of losing something and having no way to control the outcome. Remember from past blogs I’ve spoken about the fact that love and fear cannot coexist, if you love someone you cannot have fear involved too. Love is without fear and is unconditional.

So the answer to the second question is, you cannot love someone if you are attached, simple. You think you do, but you are hiding behind fear, not love.

Next, there is no such thing as a normal relationship. Every relationship like every human is unique and thats what makes it special. If you do what others do you are not unique and you will never succeed in life or anything. WHY? Purely because you are not doing you and only doing you will let you succeed in life.

How does one manage to cope with a loss then if they break up with someone, or a family member dies etc etc

Well loving friends, family and a partner without attachment is the best way to do things.  Here is my method and my way of dealing with things or thinking about things. It works for me, it may not work for you but it is worth a read.

I believe that life is an illusion. It is a journey and everything and every person around us is a sign or a lesson. What happens will happen and things happen solely for your experience.

Everything happens for a reason type of thing…

This is my base way of thinking and I stick by what I believe. Next I realise that nothing on the earth in this life as a human is permanent. People die, babies are born. Love is found, love is lost. There is a day and then there is a night. There is good and there is bad and so on. Things just come and go and when one things leaves another thing takes its place. There is cycle happening all the time and the illusion goes on and on. 

From here I say to myself, I have something great today and I will enjoy that thing today. I am always present, I have no need for control and I don’t plan for the future. I live here and now all the time. I enjoy what I have in the present moment and chose not to worry about what the future holds, this is like practicing gratitude. I am grateful and that is that. So when It comes to the day something is taken away from me, I accept it. I say thank you to life for giving me this gift and the opportunity to enjoy that someone or something and I move on quickly. Now I say move on, I don’t mean I move on to someone else, I just let life go on and do its thing. What has gone is gone, it was supposed to go. I choose not to hold on to the past but to stay focused on the present. If someone dies, they have died, they are gone and there is nothing you can do about it. You accept the death and you stop worrying about it. Holding on to grief and pain is your choice. That is self inflicted and will never go unless you learn to get rid of it.

I always say…

You can only hold on to so many bags until your hands are full. Don’t expect life to move on if you are still holding on to old bags.

Let go of them and make space to pick up some new ones. Be patient and trust the process. Life is full of ups and downs. It isn’t supposed to be easy. Enjoy the ride, play the game and don’t get too attached to anything if you can help it.

Enjoy what you have, cherish it in the moment. If it goes let it go. Keep your eyes focused on whats ahead and trust your soul that is has something even better for you waiting ahead.

Fear will control you if you allow it too.

Be in the light of love and believe in your journey.

Learn to let go of things that leave you and be ready to accept what is coming to you in the next chapter of your life.

Peace & Love

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


There Is No Happy LIFE – There Is Only A Happy YOU

People are constantly searching life for things that could potentially make them happy.

We buy cars, houses, clothes, TV’s and other material crap to try and make ourselves feel better. We even call it success when we manage to buy an expensive car or house that is above what the average person has. What people really don’t understand is, is that happiness comes from inside ONLY.

Yes we have all heard this crappy saying a million times and don’t really understand it, so we continue on our journey to work, buy, work, buy, work, buy until we die. Most people die unhappy people. They speak about the things they didn’t do whilst laying on their deathbeds and not the things they did do. They are unsatisfied with the outcome of life and start thinking what else could they have done or brought to have made them more successful and happier people.

We constantly focus on external things in this world and believe that they are the only true source of happiness. The truth is EVERYBODY is wrong, EVERYBODY!!!

Lets be logical. Happiness is an emotion. So WHY THE HELL do you think you can purchase that? Are you stupid???

Happiness is a feeling. Feelings are emotions. Emotions are things that come from inside of you. You create these things yourself. Happiness is merely a state of mind. So really happiness can only be found INSIDE of you. You follow? 

Happiness comes from the emotion LOVE. It comes from being grateful and content. It comes from being loving and kind. The moment you stop buying material things and being greedy, the moment you stop trying to pay for it, the moment you start giving instead of taking and the moment you start WANTING you most likely will find it. LOVE AND HAPPINESS are priceless. They cost nothing. So if you have to put your hand in your pocket to find happiness its not happiness. Its a temporary fix of fake happiness and you will only struggle more and more to find genuine happiness if you keep doing things this way.

Happiness is acceptance. Accepting you are one with the world. You are free. Nothing is real and the world is an illusion. You are happy you are having an experience as a human and that you are grateful of everything around you. Gratitude is super important. Ive travelled the world, been to many wealthy and poor places. The happiest people I’ve ever seen are the ones in the poorest of places. The unhappiest people I’ve ever seen are people from the UK. Yes, right here where I live I rarely see a genuinely happy person. The adults are all drunk and drugged up, overweight and either suffer from depression or anxiety. The kids want more, want want want want want all the time. Child obesity has risen massively in the past few years. Kids are lazy, fat and ungrateful. They cry if a butterfly takes a shit on their arm and claim depression for the rest of their lives. Society is lost and is only getting worse. The poorest place I’ve been to is Afghanistan. The children want nothing, they smile and are always grateful, they aren’t overweight, they aren’t dying of diseases and they don’t play the victim to life. Why am I talking about this? Money doesn’t solve anything. Money, if anything makes people more unhappy than happy. I want you to think about this.

Happiness is free. Its a state of mind. Its a way of life. 

STOP wanting, stop buying. Start giving and start learning to love.

There is no happiness to be found outside your body or inside your wallet/purse. Happiness is to be found inside your heart and your mind. Be happy with what you have and more importantly what you BELIEVE you haven’t got.

We have everything we need. You are just greedy. We have all been a victim to greediness, the important thing is to realise how greedy we are being and to learn not to be. YOU DON’T need cigarettes or alcohol, a new dress or a new pair of shoes. What you have is more than sufficient.

I want doesn’t get you anything.

Lastly STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP searching for peoples attention to make yourself happy. Insecurity is a personal issue. People who play the victim or want to cry all the time for attention are insecure. Yes society doesn’t help but if YOU don’t want to learn to LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE AND TO ACCEPT what you have and don’t have, then you are the one choosing to be insecure.

Insecurity is a cry for attention. A cry for help. I have no issues being honest, people who know me will know that. The only PERSON who can cure insecurity is YOU. YES YOU. Quit trying to fish for compliments, quit being a baby and learn to ACCEPT YOURSELF. You are who you are and that is it. Stop worrying about what the world thinks. The world  is just a reflection of your problems.

Finally, I like to be balanced whenever I can be. I find that many gurus and speakers only paint pictures with the positive brush. I like to paint with both. I hope you can appreciate that in these blogs. I am an open and truthful person. I believe that being honest as much as you possibly can in life will help you a lot more than trying to be something that isn’t real. People hide from the truth and thats where 99% of the problems that people have come from.

People try and fix the tap when they should be fixing the well. 

Instead of people trying to find the source to fix the cause of what is creating unhappiness or insecurity etc They want some tablets, a cuddle, a compliment or some alcohol to make themselves feel better. All these issues are only curable by you. ONLY YOU can feel secure and happy. Only YOU can make these things happen.

Spend some time alone. Shut the world off. Find the source of the issue and start there. Self acceptance is a good place to start, and then work from gratitude. Learn to give, learn to love everyone and stop being greedy.

We are the creators of our own destiny. We are the only ones to blame for all of our issues.

Don’t play the victim. Play the game 🙂

Peace & Love

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-