Accept Your Changes

In life people change.

Change is good, change is normal.

People often embrace changes but a good proportion of us tend to runaway from change and would much rather stay in our comfort zones.

To the people who love their comfort zones, this post is not for you. Stay in your lane and carry on living life in the same circle of safety.

For the people who love change but realise how much problems changes can cause, this post should hopefully help you out.

One of the 6 human wants and needs is growth. Personal growth is totally normal and we should always strive to progress through life. We should want to be promoted at work, grow taller, stronger, healthier and more intelligent etc This is normal. The problem is when we change or grow and the people around do not, this causes issues, arguments, jealousy and huge fall outs.

People who call themselves family and friends are the first people who will notice change in you and are also the most likely candidates to cause your biggest problems.


When you change and your friends don’t, they will give you hell and try their upmost to pull you back down to where/how you used to be. They are jealous and afraid. Jealous that you are going to move on or do better than them and afraid that you will leave them.

People who dare to change are the people who do most in life. There are two types of people who change. People who change and continue to change and people who change and get pulled back to their old ways by friends and family.

Family can be the absolute worst people ever to spoil your changes in life. They are so stuck in their ways (especially parents) that they will do almost anything to stop you and to destroy the thing that is attracting you to it. It could be a boyfriend/girlfriend, a job or a decision to move to a new location, they WILL do whatever it takes to sabotage it no matter what. Like i said before there are two people the ones that will change no matter what and the ones that will go back to their old ways because of the people around them who bring them back. Lets forget about the people who are not yet strong enough to break out of habit and get dragged back in no matter how hard they try.

The second kind of person is the one who sees a possibility to grow and to change, they execute the necessary actions required to bring the change on board and they realise its for the better and stay that way. These are the people who will win at life. Everyone should strive to be this type of person in life because what is the point in being alive if you do not wish to progress? What use is an acorn if it doesn’t grow into a tree, it will rot or get eaten by something else. Do you wish to rot or be eaten? I imagine you don’t, so ground yourself and learn to grow!

For anyone who is reading this please please accept change. Change is good, change is growth, growth is good.

DO NOT BE AFRAID of change ever and DO NOT BE AFRAID to leave anyone behind. You have a journey, a life and goals you will need to complete, you will only fail if you let people hold you back. Stop trying to do things to please other people, evolve, escape and free yourself from the judgment of others that tie you down to some sort of belief or value you believe you have.

Lastly for those people that allow others to hold you down, stop it. I will soon be writing a very very important blog about life being an illusion which will explain in a lot of detail how things around you are not real, even people. These people are here to test you, its not supposed to be obvious, the illusion is supposed to be good enough for you to believe it isn’t one. These people are lessons for you, they will stick around to either genuinely help you or to hold you back. Break free from those who cast their opinions over you and the ones who try and stop or control you. They may have been your best friend for life or it most likely will be a very close family member, its like this so it is hard to escape from, life isn’t supposed to be easy, it would be pretty pointless if it was. Be selfish, be free, be the change you want to see in yourself.

Move on. If you stand still you become stagnant. Stagnant things are useful to nobody. Do not become stagnant. Become like the river, the river never dies if it keeps flowing and moving. Hold onto comfort and you shall lose, listen to others who hold you back and you will fail.

I want you to win as much as you do.

Have faith, belief and keep moving.

Peace & LoveĀ 

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


IG: illuminatus_richard