What Are You Worrying About?

In life we continuously worry about everything.

OMG did I just get caught speeding, I wasn’t paying attention, my mind was somewhere else?!

Oh shit, my insurance comes out the bank today, do I even have enough money to cover it?

My client has just decided to take a month off, how can I afford to pay the rent now?

I really like this person but what if they cheat on me, how will I forgive myself for letting myself get so deep?

The list goes on…

We spend a ridiculous amount of our lives WORRYING about things that are COMPLETELY out of our control. WHY? I do not know!!!

Yes, even I have spent many many years worrying about all sorts of stuff and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes still get caught in the worry trap. So what are we trying to achieve today? Well I want you to first off realise what you are doing and that what you are doing is primarily wasting your time and secondarily destroying you. Next I want you to find a cure for this soul destroying habit so you can spend more time enjoying life and doing more things that you love.

So without further or do why do we we WORRY so much? 

Il keep it simple. We worry because most of us lack the ability to live in the present moment. We want to live in the future and we want to worry about what could potentially happen next. If we aren’t worrying about what is next we are thinking about what happened in the past and what we could maybe have done to prevent it, change the outcome or we think why did we just do that? Its all time consuming pointless worrying no matter which time zone you are trying to exist in.

So that is why we worry, we need to now understand what we are doing to ourselves when we do worry. When we worry we overthink. Overthinking is merely your brain creating unrealistic, pointless or fake scenarios that crush your happiness. You maybe thinking did I get caught speeding or not? When this happens you are concentrating on fear. Fear that you may have done something wrong. When we concentrate on fear we rid ourselves of any happiness and we create more fear. Fear is a shit storm and it is an emotion hard to pull away from. Its like an addicting drug habit, you get involved with it and it pulls you in, it seems to grab hold of you without ever wanting to let go. You think of the speeding issues, then you think how much is the ticket going to cost, how many points you already have on your license, how much over the speed limit where you driving, do you have enough money to cover the cost of a ticket and BOOM you crash into the car in front of you. YOU LOST YOUR MIND. This is what overthinking and worrying does to you. You lose all focus and balance and you lose control. What was potentially nothing could now be a ticket, a fine and a fatal accident. Next, overthinking and worrying causes loss of time. We may have or have not been caught speeding but instead of remaining calm and driving along listening to that audio track about business and marketing, you are now listening to nothing but your own mind playing tricks on you. We stop all the good and productive things that we are doing and we focus purely on the fears we create in our mind.

So, how do we stop or hold back any of this?

First off recognise what you are doing. When you start to realise you are falling into a trap you have more chance of saving yourself from falling any deeper. Most people at the present moment they are falling in they don’t realise what is going on. Just start off by being AWARE.

Next thing we can do is realise that what has happened has happened OR what is going to happen may or may not happen BUT we have no CONTROL over any of it. Speeding ticket or not, whatever the outcome is, it is going to be just that. Worrying about it will change nothing. The only thing worrying about it will change is your mindset and your emotional state. Worrying about it more may make the situation that may not even have been an issue, worse. You are creating more problems for yourself when you worry.

We need to learn finally to STOP worrying because no matter what you believe in or think you know, YOU HAVE NO CONTROL over anything that has gone, or anything that hasn’t happened yet. If the world wants to teach you a lesson it will. You cannot escape experiences that are necessary in your life by trying to outsmart it. It does not work 🙂

What will happen, will ALWAYS happen…

Learn to let go of all fears, you have no control. Trust in your journey and learn from your lessons. Accept all things good and bad as just experiences. The more we experience and learn from this physical world the more we can take with us when we leave.

Lastly, DEPRESSION and ANXIETY are caused by worrying. Worrying about the past or worrying about what could happen in the future. THEY are not mental illnesses that are caused by anything else but attachment and worry with a bit of overthinking thrown in for good measure. LET GO of all fears, they are not real.






Be present and be accepting of what is to come or merely what has already been. Let go of all fears and have a balanced mindset. Be kind to yourself and do not create STRESS where it is not needed in your life. Life is full of problems, it is supposed to be. The more we focus on problems the more we see. The more problems we see, the more we create. Focus on the positives and just ACCEPT the negatives that come with life and get on with it.

All my unconditional love 

Yours truly


Om Shanti

Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

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