When Its Time To Move On – Move On

I can see this button at the bottom right of WordPress editor that says – MOVE TO TRASH.

Moving on in life seems to be one of the hardest things we have to face. Whether we are going through a recent break up or someone close to us has passed away, it just never seems to be the easy thing to do.

The problem is the longer we hold on to what is dragging us down – attachment – the longer it will take for us to get over the situation. The quicker we can MOVE TO TRASH, the faster we can get on with post processing the pain and hurt we may feel.

All I want to speak about today is not to judge yourself too much on the way you are feeling whilst in this situation & to get on with it asap! It is ok to temporarily feel pain, hurt, anger, betrayal etc The thing is you have to get yourself together and do what you have to do to make the process as quick as possible. This could mean getting rid of all connection with someone, or to remove all the items in your space away or into the bin that remind you of them. Holding on will only make you suffer more, you have to be cruel to be kind. So don’t feel bad if you need to totally remove someone from your life completley. Be thankful of the experience they gave you, good or bad and allow the process of moving on to take a full action. The more energy and time you give to the person who has gone, whether you are grieving, mourning, feeling betrayed, feeling left behind or hurt, the less energy and time you have to give, to moving forward.

So today is just a very short blog about letting go and moving on. If the person you have lost unfortunately passed away, they wouldn’t want you to feel hurt and to feel depressed about it all, they’d surely want you to be happy and to get a hold of yourself. If you have suffered a break up then forget about them, they clearly don’t care and they will be moving on much quicker than you most likely. You can sit there and play the, I will wait a certain period of time to move on and waste your life away or you can just get on with it and get a plan in to action. Moving on quickly doesn’t mean you don’t care for that person you lost, it just means you have to care about yourself and your feelings. You can either sit there and wallow in pain and suffering or just simply move on, move to trash and get the ball rolling.

Ive sat and waited before and nothing happened. If anything you toy with your mind and start to doubt yourself. Keep your chin up, hold your head high and keep your focus on bigger and better things.

Just remember to please look after yourself first and foremost. 

Be positive and keep your expectations high. 

All my unconditional love

Yours truly


-Om Shanti-





Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

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