Be Present – Be Happy – Be Alive

My life is beautiful and so is yours

You can only truly understand how life is so beautiful if you are living in the now.

What is the now?

The now is simply right now. It is the present and it is factually the only time you can ever be alive in.

You are not alive yet tomorrow and you cannot be alive yesterday because it has gone.

To be alive in the now is all that you can be. But to truly live in that time mind and body seems for most people to be a near impossible thing to do.

Why would you want to live in the present?

True beauty, true peacefulness and true happiness are only accessible in the now.

We can’t strive to be a happier person in the future, as the future does not exist. The same way we cannot find peace in a time and place that is completely unknown. We can only feel anything in the time zone we are currently in.

As I said just a moment ago, people find it difficult to live in the present time even though it is the only time one can live and function in.

The reason for this is because people spend all their mental time in the past or in the future and their bodies spend all the time in the present moment. So mind and body are not in the same place to start off with. As the body is in one time zone, the mind is wondering off into another, how can one possible be in line with themselves? How can they even find peace, happiness or anything if they aren’t wholly in one place at a single moment??? Bit crazy when you think about it right? But this is very very common throughout the world. People are so concerned about what may or may not happen tomorrow or thinking too much about what happened yesterday they cannot settle in this present moment. We have no control over what has happened in the past yet we focus so much of our lives into it? We also spend so much time worrying about or future yet the future doesn’t even exist and even when it does exist we can only live in it presently? What what what!?! Yes it sounds confusing but you are making it that way.

Mind and body need to work synergistically to function as one powerful tool. When the mind and body are together as one they are in harmony. Harmony brings truly great things, feelings and well, just greatness. We can only be great if we are forever present.

As I’ve said before in a previous post, anxiety stems from not having control of the future. Depression is created by the inability to let go of the past. People create these mental illnesses purely by not learning to be ever present. Being present is so simple yet nobody wants to get involved.

I have an MOT due on my car this week. It may fail it may pass. It’s most likely going to fail than too pass. I have no money to get it fixed if it does fail and I need my car for work. What can I do???

I start off by not giving a shit. When it goes in for its MOT, what will happen will happen. I have no control over the outcome no matter how many empty cans of monster energy drink I take out of it. There is at least 100 empty cans covering the back carpets and the front, I have no shame 🙂 I deal with the matter in the moment it is happening and I worry about it when it comes along. What will worrying about it do for me now? It would cause unnecessary stress and worry. I don’t need any of that on a Sunday night, no thank you! Let me just be present in this moment, I’m warm, I’m dry, I am well fed, I am healthy and alive and I am happy. That is all that matters. I feel happy, I feel grateful and I feel peaceful.

If you chose to worry, that is your problem. If you chose to let past things people have done or said to you bother you right now in this moment, you are only causing yourself unnecessary stress and harm. It is purely self inflicted pain even if you believe someone else has caused it, you are still allowing it to effect you right in this present moment. Forget about it all. It’s gone, it is not here right now!

I just want everybody to be happy. How much nicer would life be if everybody could be happy, present and display gratitude in their daily lives?! Chop that cucumber into three and just take the middle part, leave the rest! You don’t need to hold onto the past, it is useless. You cannot take the future into your hands as it doesn’t exist. Hold on to the central time, it is the only way you will win!

Please just be. Here and now. Forever and always. 

Om Shanti

Yours truly


Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

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