There Is No Happy LIFE – There Is Only A Happy YOU

People are constantly searching life for things that could potentially make them happy.

We buy cars, houses, clothes, TV’s and other material crap to try and make ourselves feel better. We even call it success when we manage to buy an expensive car or house that is above what the average person has. What people really don’t understand is, is that happiness comes from inside ONLY.

Yes we have all heard this crappy saying a million times and don’t really understand it, so we continue on our journey to work, buy, work, buy, work, buy until we die. Most people die unhappy people. They speak about the things they didn’t do whilst laying on their deathbeds and not the things they did do. They are unsatisfied with the outcome of life and start thinking what else could they have done or brought to have made them more successful and happier people.

We constantly focus on external things in this world and believe that they are the only true source of happiness. The truth is EVERYBODY is wrong, EVERYBODY!!!

Lets be logical. Happiness is an emotion. So WHY THE HELL do you think you can purchase that? Are you stupid???

Happiness is a feeling. Feelings are emotions. Emotions are things that come from inside of you. You create these things yourself. Happiness is merely a state of mind. So really happiness can only be found INSIDE of you. You follow? 

Happiness comes from the emotion LOVE. It comes from being grateful and content. It comes from being loving and kind. The moment you stop buying material things and being greedy, the moment you stop trying to pay for it, the moment you start giving instead of taking and the moment you start WANTING you most likely will find it. LOVE AND HAPPINESS are priceless. They cost nothing. So if you have to put your hand in your pocket to find happiness its not happiness. Its a temporary fix of fake happiness and you will only struggle more and more to find genuine happiness if you keep doing things this way.

Happiness is acceptance. Accepting you are one with the world. You are free. Nothing is real and the world is an illusion. You are happy you are having an experience as a human and that you are grateful of everything around you. Gratitude is super important. Ive travelled the world, been to many wealthy and poor places. The happiest people I’ve ever seen are the ones in the poorest of places. The unhappiest people I’ve ever seen are people from the UK. Yes, right here where I live I rarely see a genuinely happy person. The adults are all drunk and drugged up, overweight and either suffer from depression or anxiety. The kids want more, want want want want want all the time. Child obesity has risen massively in the past few years. Kids are lazy, fat and ungrateful. They cry if a butterfly takes a shit on their arm and claim depression for the rest of their lives. Society is lost and is only getting worse. The poorest place I’ve been to is Afghanistan. The children want nothing, they smile and are always grateful, they aren’t overweight, they aren’t dying of diseases and they don’t play the victim to life. Why am I talking about this? Money doesn’t solve anything. Money, if anything makes people more unhappy than happy. I want you to think about this.

Happiness is free. Its a state of mind. Its a way of life. 

STOP wanting, stop buying. Start giving and start learning to love.

There is no happiness to be found outside your body or inside your wallet/purse. Happiness is to be found inside your heart and your mind. Be happy with what you have and more importantly what you BELIEVE you haven’t got.

We have everything we need. You are just greedy. We have all been a victim to greediness, the important thing is to realise how greedy we are being and to learn not to be. YOU DON’T need cigarettes or alcohol, a new dress or a new pair of shoes. What you have is more than sufficient.

I want doesn’t get you anything.

Lastly STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP searching for peoples attention to make yourself happy. Insecurity is a personal issue. People who play the victim or want to cry all the time for attention are insecure. Yes society doesn’t help but if YOU don’t want to learn to LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE AND TO ACCEPT what you have and don’t have, then you are the one choosing to be insecure.

Insecurity is a cry for attention. A cry for help. I have no issues being honest, people who know me will know that. The only PERSON who can cure insecurity is YOU. YES YOU. Quit trying to fish for compliments, quit being a baby and learn to ACCEPT YOURSELF. You are who you are and that is it. Stop worrying about what the world thinks. The world  is just a reflection of your problems.

Finally, I like to be balanced whenever I can be. I find that many gurus and speakers only paint pictures with the positive brush. I like to paint with both. I hope you can appreciate that in these blogs. I am an open and truthful person. I believe that being honest as much as you possibly can in life will help you a lot more than trying to be something that isn’t real. People hide from the truth and thats where 99% of the problems that people have come from.

People try and fix the tap when they should be fixing the well. 

Instead of people trying to find the source to fix the cause of what is creating unhappiness or insecurity etc They want some tablets, a cuddle, a compliment or some alcohol to make themselves feel better. All these issues are only curable by you. ONLY YOU can feel secure and happy. Only YOU can make these things happen.

Spend some time alone. Shut the world off. Find the source of the issue and start there. Self acceptance is a good place to start, and then work from gratitude. Learn to give, learn to love everyone and stop being greedy.

We are the creators of our own destiny. We are the only ones to blame for all of our issues.

Don’t play the victim. Play the game 🙂

Peace & Love

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

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