There Is No Right Or Wrong – There Is Just Experience

There Is No Right Or Wrong – There Is Just Experience…

Yes, its 100% true.

Firstly judging something to be right or wrong is merely your perception. Perception is completely subjective. What I perceive of something may match another persons perception or view of  that something but it will not match the way everyone perceives that particular thing.

Still with me? I hope so 🙂

So there is no way anyone can judge something to be good or bad, right or wrong. Rules and regulations were once devised by someone just like me and you. They were created merely by someones beliefs and values. Who’s to say that person was correct?

These days we are taught how to think. We are taught what we should think is right or what we should think is wrong. People these days think they seem to have freedom over how they think, unfortunately they are very wrong. Ive found this conversation although it may seem a strange conversation to have at first, works well every time. To show that people don’t think for themselves read along.

Do you think its acceptable for a 40 year old man to sleep with a 16 year old girl?

Think about it and honestly answer the question.

Next question, do you think its acceptable for a 40 year old man to sleep with a 11 or 12 year old girl?

Im pretty sure you disagree with both.

The laws within the UK state that the age of consent where any man or women can engage in sexual activities is 16. Most people will still find it unacceptable that a 40 year old male can have sex with a 16 year old girl and it be completely normal and acceptable. They’d surely think that its disgusting and unacceptable, he’d be labelled a ‘Peado’ and pushed away by society. This shows that the person who made the rules decided this was ok but others disagree.

The second question Im sure you’re thinking WHAT THE HELL. Well, the age of consent in NIGERIA is 11, and the AOC in the Philippines is 12. They probably think waiting until the age of 16 is stupid and that us here in the UK are over pre cautious and have restrictive natures.

Who is right and who is wrong? 

Well Il tell you who is right, neither parties. It is merely an opinion and a subjective matter. When a female starts her period she is ready to procreate. The average age that females start ovulate is 12. If a body biologically sends off a sign to show it is ready to procreate then its ready. This is a natural human process and its a biological state that shows the body is ready. So who is to deem when someone is ready to have sex or not?

In a free world, nature should be the judge, not another human.

I chose this subject because people find it awkward as they have been conditioned to think this subject is a huge wrong or right. There is no age of consent in nature and animals breed whenever they are ready. Nature and the animal kingdom is working just fine. Extinction and low numbers of species etc is due to US humans destroying habitats or hunting, not due to peado polar bears and praying mantis’s that rape caterpillars.

We as a society throw our judgment around everyday. We are over opinionated and close minded. We believe what we think is certain and everyone else should agree. If they don’t, they are freaks, they are wrong, they are disgusting or they need to see a mental health doctor.

I was merely using that subject as proof to how you ‘naturally’ think and how quickly you can jump to the opinion of what YOU think is right and whats YOU think is wrong.

Now we have that cleared up I want to push onto to the next idea. Is rape wrong? Is death wrong? Is killing wrong? Is illness wrong?

Again I think you will naturally believe that rape, illness and killing are wrong, but are they?

What happens if I say to you, you are reincarnated as a human 1000 times before you can leave this dimension and ascend. In order to leave here and ascend you must learn to be able to create everything. Without experience in everything we cannot possibly recreate it ourselves. Every action whether you are giving or taking has an experience. In one life we must be the person who rapes someone and in another we must be the victim to the rape. The world couldn’t be created without balance. We need day and night, good and bad, warm and cold and so on. So we MUST experience first hand ALL EXPERIENCES to know all there is to know.

We tend to always ask the questions… why is there bad in the world? Why is there illnesses and people suffering? To simply answer this in short it is so that a soul can gain experience. Maybe a human experiencing suffering in this human life was a king or an emperor in the last. How do we know who has done what in which life. Maybe it is US who perceive that a person is suffering but, that person may not be suffering at all.

Can the perceiver be perceived? 

It is all merely an opinion. What we perceive is purely down to how the perceiver perceives things. We should not look at what is being perceived, instead we should look at the perceiver. Who are we and what are our values and beliefs. Judgement comes from the ego and not from the heart. When we truly think from the heart, nothing is right and nothing is wrong, everything is just an experience.

The next time you judge someone or a situation just think, is that person having an experience or learning a lesson on their journey. When a man kills another man, maybe the man being killed is ready to die, it is part of his journey and his time has come. Time funnily enough is again a perception created by a man just like me and you. Who says it is the right or wrong time for anything to happen. Why wait until you die of old age to complete your journey if you can finish it earlier?

Give these ideas some thought. Its always nice to learn a different way to perceive things.

Good luck on opening up your mind to new ideas and new possibilities.

Love & Peace

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

4 thoughts on “There Is No Right Or Wrong – There Is Just Experience”

  1. Thought provoking , yes. However, I feel compelled to comment further from my perspective, values and beliefs. Humans are not animals. Humans have a higher level of consciousness. Just because a girl begins menstruating does not mean that she is emotionally, or even physically, ready to procreate. Nor does it make it OK to take advantage of innocence. For that is what often happens. Judgement needs to be tempered with discernment. It is important to respect and honour each person and their journey, yes. And if we go along with the idea of choosing our learning and experiences before incarnating, then yes, we choose the lessons we wish to learn and those who will support and aid this. But not everything that happens is a chosen lesson. Greed, corruption, anger, fear, hatred etc lead people to act in ways that are not in alignment with the Highest Good. Unconditional Love is the power that fuels actions for the Highest Good.


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