Learn To Let Go – Stress Edition

In every area of our life we seem to collect things more than we seem to let go or get rid of things. We love to hoard items and will happily fill our homes with clutter like ornaments, spares and empty bloody boxes JUST incase we need them again. This issue we have also applies to us. We go through life and create experiences, we live them, we cherish them, we look back at them and we hold on to them. The problem here is that we just don’t have enough mental space. Lack of space causes, physical and mental issues. Wether its having an untidy cluttered home or an untidy cluttered brain, we seem to suffer with the ability to let go.

When our homes or workplaces get untidy we tend to trip over things and injure ourselves which results to hopping around screaming at inanimate objects effing and blinding until our toe stops throbbing. At our workplace we end up losing things or creating so much clutter things get destroyed or lost in to the bin never to be found again. These problems start to become unhealthy and a tidy up usually follows or disasters would keep occuring.

The place that gets most neglected is our brain and ourself. We tend to clean up our physical obstacles before our mental ones. In reality most people actually never give themselves enough time to clean up their mental clutter and they end up creating mental and physical illnesses because of this. Stress is a huge problem in todays world. It is one of the biggest causes of heart related illnesses and tends to lead to other greater illness’s that can brings us closer and closer to death. Yes, people actually die of stress! 

The reason why we get stressed is actually pretty simple and I can imagine you have caught on already to what creates it. Mental clutter. Imagine your stress levels were pretty low. Lets compare your stress levels to a bed side table, at the moment you are chilled out and your bedside table is empty with nothing on it. You go to bed this evening and take a glass of water to bed with you and place it on the table. You wake up in the morning and forget that the glass was there and off to work you go. The next evening you got to bed with another glass of water and place it next to the old and think, tomorrow morning il move them both downstairs to be cleaned. You wake up in the morning in a rush because your alarm didn’t go off and you rush off to work leaving both glasses sitting on the table. That evening you take a cup of chamomile tea to bed and place it next to the two glasses and think, jees I seriously need to get rid of those glasses by tomorrow morning. Bare with me here. The next morning your dog dies and you start flapping around calling the vets and dealing with upset children running around and crying. That evening you take a cup of tea and some biscuits to bed, there isn’t much room left on the table so you edge the cup of tea on to the table so its just about sitting on the side and you lay the biscuits on top. The next morning your daughter comes in the room and jumps on you because she is still upset and wants to cuddle in bed before school. As she jumps on the bed a pillow nudges the table and knocks a glass which knocks over the cup of tea from last night, which knocks over the biscuits and the other glasses which end up smashing on the floor and a huge mess is created. There is old tea, glass, water and biscuits everywhere.

The table represents the stress levels in your life. You can only take on so much before you are full and when you are full just one nudge, one issue, can tip you over the edge and your health and mental state can quickly deteriorate causing a breakdown or a serious illness to form.

We hold onto too much in life without allowing ourselves to clear out old problems or issues. We give more time to those things that cause us stress and not enough time to things that help us get rid of it.

A simple tip is to practice becoming a bin. A bin without a bottom. This isn’t easy and it will take a lot of practice over time. Its all about going through life and living in the present moment and dealing with things as they come and go. At the end of each day you RELEASE everything negative and heavy and start fresh the next day. Most people are bins with bottoms. They get full, they jump inside the bin and stamp it down to try and fit more stress in. The bin overflows and starts to smell. Soon it becomes a health hazard. YOU become a health hazard to people around you and yourself. Be present and learn to reset yourself, do not try and hold onto everything and give less time to things that stress you out. Someone annoys you? Ignore them. Worried about the fact you may have gotten a speeding ticket today? Whats the point in worrying, seriously what will worrying do. Forget about it and wait and see. Get on with life, worrying does nothing. 

Stress causes negative thinking. Negative thinking causes stress. You see that circle you are getting yourself stuck in? 

Don’t allow for negative thoughts to take over your life. They will only lead you to manifest bad things into your future. If something bad happens, it happens. Deal with it and then let it go. Whats done is done. Allow it.


Lastly searching for quick fixes like alcohol to escape stress will only give you a temporary fix to a deeper problem. Find the source of what is causing you to get so stressed pin point it and learn to banish it. Money doesn’t solves stress. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Wealth is not health. Remember that.

Love & Peace

Forever & Always

-Om Shanti-


Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

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