You Make Too Much Noise

People want to know, period.

You may want to know what people want to know. Well, people want to know everything.

Is there a god, are there aliens, what time does Game of Thrones start tonight, what are we eating for dinner this eve, what is considered a healthy diet, how much will it cost if I… and what will happen if i take this???

We want to know everything. The problem is people are always wanting to talk and wanting to know. There is rarely a quiet moment in anyones lives these days. You get up in the morning, the radio, the TV or some music goes on. The kids are shouting or your partner is arguing with you about odd socks or god knows what. Noise. You get in your car, you are concentrating on driving safely, you have the radio on or you are on the phone, either way you are continuously hearing external noises. You got to work, noise all day. You get home and again there are family members talking, kids shouting, the tv is on and there is no quietness to be found in any inch of the house. The funny thing is when you have an hour left before you go to bed and the kids are asleep, you sit down and watch the tv and absorb a load more noise. Noise is noise, but noise is also including distraction. Why do you avoid time to sit and enjoy silence? I know why. Number one you don’t think about or believe in the importance of silence and number two, you think being in silence is abnormal and you feel lonely or pointless being in utter silence.

What am i trying to get at here?

Silence is super duper important, that is what Im trying to get at here.

You think, like many others, life is learned by experiencing external experiences only. Silence equals nothingness and nothingness equals laziness or being boring. Well my friend you are very wrong.

There is much more to learn in the silence than there ever will be in the external noise you choose to live in everyday. Silence brings creativity, ideas, peacefulness, stillness, oneness, healing, and most of all, ANSWERS.

Long story short, when we are plucked from the bowl of souls, given a mission, a plan and a reason to be here as a human we have our memories wiped purely for the reason that life would be way to easy if we knew exactly why and what we were doing in this life. We would gain little no experience and we would deem many experiences too hard to do. Imagine if one of your chosen experiences was to lose a child, Im sorry but if that was on your to do list of experiences I don’t think you could quite complete that one. So, we are given tasks and experiences to complete but we are unaware of what we are to do and when we are to do them.

If at any stage of life you start wondering around thinking why are we here and what are we to do, you will most likely be going through an awakening stage. You will realise that you are on a journey and that your soul has ALL of the knowledge that you require to complete this journey. Getting in touch with your soul isn’t at all easy though. Its not a case of calling them up or asking it questions and immediately expecting answers. You have to be at peace with yourself, you have to work on many things, respect, discipline, balance, belief, stillness, oneness and most of all, how to control or tell the difference between your higher self (soul) and your ego.

Once you have learned to start to understand and listen to the soul and not the ego, it will give you guidance. What does this have to do with silence?

You can only here your soul speak when you are silent and the world around you is silent too.

How can you ever expect to ‘hear yourself think’ or speak to your soul for guidance if you are always surrounded by noise and distractions? You have to learn to find some time everyday to put things down and quieten the mind. If this is a new thing for you, don’t expect immediate results, like I said earlier, life isn’t supposed to be easy. You need to learn discipline, stillness, balance etc At the right time, you will be connected and be made aware of your journey and what lies ahead. Once you have connected to the source, life becomes confusing, difficult and one has to learn many more qualities to deal with the new life ahead. How I see life is –

You can either go through life being ignorant and lazy to only be reincarnated 100s of times over and over and end up as nothing in a continuous cycle OR you can accept your fate, you can tap into your source, listen to it, complete the mission and ascend never to come back here again. You think this life is about life and death? Procreation and loving families? It is not any of that my friend. You are playing a game, a very REALISTIC game and that game will keep recycling you until you understand you are in one and you can find a way out. The illusion of life is supposed to feel and look real down to every last detail, if it wasn’t, it would be to obvious it was an illusion.

I have never understood the Western part of the world. People are so ignorant and will quickly laugh and poke fun at the Eastern side of the world for the things that they do. The ‘ways’ they are ‘stuck’ in and how these little buddhist men shave there heads and sit around all day going ‘OMMmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Westerners seem to think Eastern philosophy is a pile of old crap and science is religion. I am a Westerner and I am white. Ive been brought up in a very normal Western world, around white people, schooled in a ‘normal’ school in Manchester, England. I love technology and science and im not at all religious. My parents where never spiritual when I grew up. I was just weird and not normal according to those around me. I was ‘always different’ and i taught myself how to think, how to do things and most of all i used my own thoughts, feelings and ways to work things out. As i’ve grown older Ive seeked guidance and help from people around me but i am not influenced by anyone and at the end of the day 99% of the time i work things out for myself. Id say Im very mentality strong, Ive served 9 years in the army as a foot soldier in the infantry and have completed a 7 month tour of Afghanistan. Ive been to many places and experienced many things that most people will never ever see or do in their lifetime. Im not rich and was never introduced to higher forms of education. I am just like anybody else. Somewhat normal. I think people must think im crazy when I talk about these things or I must live in ‘LA LA LAND’ but I can assure you if you are still reading this, 99% of people on this earth who are asleep, conditioned and think life only exists in a singular dimension called earth, they are living in LA LA Land. There is a REASON why your scientists invest an awful lot of money into STRING THEORY research. String theory is a scientific study around the theory that there are multiple dimensions and parallel universes. Funny that, this has been documented in ancient literatures and teachings that date back thousands of years found all over the EASTERN part of the world in both Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

You may be wondering why we aren’t taught this then if its such a real thing. Well there is a reason. Its something ‘THEY’ don’t want you to know. “They’ are the controllers, the secret societies, the governments etc They want you to be controlled and reliable on their faith and leadership for their power and control. I will touch on this subject more in depth in a later article. Just have a think now and then, what feels right and what feels wrong?

So, spend time finding your quiet place. Meditate and give yourself mind space. Listen to your soul and block out the ego. Let go of noise and distractions to give yourself some mental freedom everyday. Find yourself and know yourself. There is no need for a god right now, nor a religion, just connect with your soul and find out the truth.

Peace & Love 

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

3 thoughts on “You Make Too Much Noise”

  1. Wow, I am reading your post. Rather I am binge reading your posts. Loving them all.
    I firmly believe we aren’t alone, hell it will be stupid to think that we are the only special species.


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