The Blame Game – Who’s Fault Is It?

Humans are naturally sociable animals. Even if you are slightly unsociable like me you most probably have a job and still have to interact with others daily. This means we all spend time around others wether we like it or not. We all have the time to observe the people around us and how they act or react to certain situations. Today id like to get to the bottom of who is to blame when something goes wrong at work, at home or life in general.

Im pretty sure you come across someone everyday that is complaining about another person. About how that said person has done them wrong or caused an issue in their life and how it is ALL their FAULT. It seems to me that everyone themselves must be right and everybody that supposedly caused the issue is wrong. That means if you have an argument with a partner, you both go to work and bad mouth each other to colleagues and tell them how bad your partner is for creating an argument or a problem at home, you are both apparently right and neither of you are to blame. Obviously one of you is most likely wrong and the other most probably right.

Its easier to point the finger at another instead of pointing it at yourself. It is also a lot more easier to play the victim instead of being honest, open and having some integrity. The reason I chose this topic today is that people like to point and blame others but in the long run it will only make you a bad person and a weak one at that. Life as we spoke about in previous articles, is about becoming a better version of yourself daily. If we keep blaming others we will only continue to stay the same person we were yesterday. Life without growth is not life at all. Think about it, if a seed does not grow it does not live. It has no life. In life we NEED to grow to survive.

The hard work starts here. Number one we need to be self aware. We need to be aware that we are either constantly blaming others, or we are playing the victim. People who play the victim will always be a victim, it is simply called the ‘victim mentality’. Using victimisation as a get out of jail free card will only manifest that word right into you future and you WILL become a real victim to life. You are thinking and feeling like a victim. You are putting out to the universe you are a victim and it will only backfire on you. You are serving yourself with a personal dose of karma.

The blame game, also will come back at you in a different way. 99% of the time the issues and problems we see in others, the things we like to blame them for are actually things we are and hate about ourselves!!! YES. This is called the essene mirrors. This is very very real, wether you like to hear it or not. I, myself have been playing this game for many years unaware of what I was doing to myself. I would point the finger at other people and call them lazy, id tell them they were procrastinating and their output in life wasn’t enough. Guess who I was really talking about? ME. Yes, me. At the time I didn’t know this I just thought I could see that the other person was all of those things, but in reality I was pushing my problems on to another person unfairly. Now, I am aware of what I did and have learnt from my mistakes. If I have an issue with someone now, I first question my motives, how I feel and what I’m doing in life. I ask myself, ‘Is this me I’m about to shout at or complain about or is it really the other person that needs to be told?’

Ever been in a relationship where you are constantly, unhealthily get accused of speaking to other people? Well that person doing the accsuing is 100% talking or thinking about talking to others IF, you are not actually playing away. Meaning if you are a good person and you are not talking to other people, its certainly the blaming partner who is talking to others. We often reply with the response, ‘Guilty conscience?’. The accused person is showing the accuser a mirror, reflecting it right back at them because guess what the blamer is doing? Talking to others or thinking about it. WE BLAME OTHERS FOR OUR OWN MISTAKES OR ISSUES. Its just easier to blame others and point the finger, remember that.

I find this one is a very common happening. ‘The people at work are all assholes and they don’t listen to me!’ Well who’s the real asshole? Its most likely you who makes  those work colleagues act like that towards you. But you quickly play the victim AND the blame game at the same time and take no responsibility. Oh no, its not you? Well lets have a quick think about it. Ever been sat in a room, and punched yourself in the face, broke up with yourself and blamed all of the issues in your life on yourself? No you most likely haven’t. WHY? Because its easier to blame the next person you see and blaming yourself would be too painful. We hardly ever sit down and have a word with ourselves and think, you know what, it could be me, I could be the problem, how could a remediate this and that problem?

People – start taking responsibility for your own issues, insecurities and problems and start looking in the mirror. Nobody is perfect and we are all trying to become a better version of ourselves right?

Lastly, who are you, to judge anyone or to say who is right or wrong? You cannot pass judgement on anyone, you have no right. We are all equal and we are all one. Instead of trying to cause disconnect between people in life, try and create a connection. Together we are stronger and together we can grow much more efficiently.

So, look at yourself before you point the finger. Think about how you could be the problem instead of how others are the problem. STOP playing the victim, you will manifest a failing reality for yourself. Turn that finger around and point it in your own face and see how you like it before you do it to others. Take responsibility and learn from your mistakes. Do to others as you wish to be done to yourself. Always. GIVE to Receive, not the other way around.

Try going into work and be overly nice to those people, see what happens, try It for a week and see how much they change! You are an asshole, not them 🙂

And don’t forget – Peoples actions are a REACTION to your ACTIONS. What you do effects how others respond.

Peace & LOVE

Always & Forever

-Om Shanti-


Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

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