The Modern Slave & How To Break Free

Blog post number 3!

Hi again readers and welcome to this new blog post about being a modern slave. In this article I hope to enlighten you, the reader, with something that could be potentially ruining and ruling your life without you even being aware of it! Madness, I know, but lets get on with it and see where you stand.

Are you a slave?

Lets have a quick rundown of the main things that may make you a slave to the government, the world, the people and the governing societies. Here you can take a quick look at this list and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are you employed?
  2. Do you have material items on finance? (Cars, items of furniture, phone contracts, computers, cameras etc)
  3. Do you have a loan?
  4. Are you following you dreams?
  5. Do you even have any dreams or goals?
  6. Do you tend to spend more time living in yesterdays space? Tomorrows space? The next 5 minutes to an hour ahead space? Or do you fully relax, keep ultra calm, observe life as it comes to you without having to plan your actions or reactions and live fully in the present moment all day everyday?
  7. Do you believe what you were taught at school is the truth?
  8. Do you believe what goes on in the news?

I think there is enough questions there to get you thinking. I will talk through each and every question and explain how you could be potentially living your entire life as a slave.

Nowadays people have some idealistic way of thinking and not only do they just think this way, they tend to slap everyone else around the face with their personal opinions on how one should do this and that correctly. Im surround daily in life by people who have some ridiculous opinons or ideas about how one should do life. Arguing with people or even debating in a friendly manor will get you nowhere, I’ve tried a million ways with many different people and I always get the same result, they are still set in their mind that the way they think is the only way to think. Now I just live by the quote, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will show himself’. In my head I simply translate that as, when you stop being an obnoxious, arrogant, ignorant and close minded pig, you will come to realise you were wrong 🙂 I touched quickly on this subject as this close minded way of thinking has been taught to you by the slave system, I will explain this later on in this blog post. Id like it if you could remain throughout this article to be open minded, understanding and allow yourself to say, ‘Yes, this is me,’ if you come across something you can agree with. Don’t allow the ego to say, I’m perfect I am not a slave, just relax and understand. Thank you.

Anyways lets press on.

Are you employed? If the answer is no, you must be self employed. If you are self employed, you are truly your own master, your own boss. You set the rules, the times, the workload and the prices for your goods/time. You are not a slave and don’t belong to anybody else. You can work as hard as you like for as little or as long as you chose to. Being self employed requires much more hard work than being employed. There are many more worries of being self employed, you have to be very independent and passionate about what you do or sell etc You must understand basic business, marketing, advertising and accounting. Being self employed is a gamble and it means taking a risk, most people don’t chose this route because they want to play life safe. Safety, job wise equals consistency in earnings, maybe guaranteed health care, pay rises, perks, a place to call work, a title to give oneself and a place to waste your life everyday. Being employed by someone is playing life safe. Safe is lazy, and laziness equals the slave life. Listen up for a moment.

You can either create a dream and work towards it or…You can watch someone else create a dream and become a slave to them instead and watch them live for their dreams and goals in life. Hope you understand where Im coming from here. You are either working towards your own dreams and freedom, or you are slaving away to create somebody else’s.

Do you have material items on finance? If the answer is no, then you are clearly not tied down by some company that demands monthly payments from you, you are free. You can see where this is heading right? If you are paying a monthly or yearly fee for some pointless material object then you are enslaved within an agreement where somebody owns time from your life. YES, they own you and your time! But how? Heres how… You go to work, waste your time, days, months and years earning money for it only to be taken away from you every month for some overpriced fancy dancy car you really don’t need. Your ass is being owned, you are now a slave until that contract or agreement is paid off but guess what? By the time you end up paying off your financed car, you trade it in and bloody open up a fresh agreement to pay for another one! You must love the slave life!!!

Do you have a loan? Well you know from the last question how this one is going to sound. Don’t do it, you are owned by the biggest and most evil corporation in the world, the bank. You are LOANing your life out to someone else again. How much don’t you want to live right now?

Are you following your dreams? & Do you even have any dreams or goals? Do you have real dreams, goals and targets written down that you consciously work towards every day? Don’t tell me right, you’ve got them in your head? Yea, ok, heard that one a million times before. Goals in your head are not real, you just remember them sometimes when a motivational quote pops up on your intsagram feed. Ok, so you have dreams, what are you doing to chase them, not only that but what are you actually doing to make them happen? Are you self employed and your dreams are your job? Are you self employed and make sure you have enough time to set aside to dedicate to achieving your goals? Well done if you do. The problem with being employed is that USUALLY, people claim to not have enough time to do anything but work. By the time I’ve done this and that etc No time apparently. By trapping yourself within an employment you are preventing yourself from growing, from expanding and from creating. You go to work, work is already set out, you have a time frame, you have rules to adhere too and most of all you are giving up your time and your precious life to make someone else happy. Where are you dreams and goals? In your retirement? Don’t bullshit me, by the time you retire, you are old, weathered, fed up and can hardly walk a mile before you get high blood pressure and flop on the floor 🙂 HEY! Im just being realistic, suck it up. Im trying to help you realise the mess you got yourself into, and how to find a way out.

Do you tend to spend time living in the…

If you spend time living in the past, you are most likely someone who suffers with some level of depression. Why? Most people that live in the past have an attachment to something, attachment always leads to fear. I will make a separate blog post about fear itself and what it really is, at a later date. If you have an attachment to the past you are not living in the present, you are a slave to a time that has gone and will never comeback. Don’t make yourself a slave to a time zone, how can you move forwards if you are looking at life through your rear view mirror. You can’t, and you will crash, which is what happens to practically every person suffering with depression, they end up crashing from looking in the wrong direction for too long. The same concept works if you are too busy looking in to the future, most people who look too far ahead have anxiety as they are scared of what may or may not happen. They are enslaved again in a time zone that isn’t one they are currently in. The only time you can live in, is the present. The future has not yet come and the past has already left us. Be ever present in the now and deal with life as and when it comes to you, this way you will not be held down by feelings of anxiety or depression as you have a balanced feeling and outlook on life. Set yourself free of timezones that are not in your control or reach, live in the now, and only in the now.

Do you believe that what they taught you at school is the truth? They taught you at school HOW to think, HOW to act, HOW to believe and HOW to live. They didn’t teach you HOW to make your own decisions, HOW to let creativity flow and HOW to be an individual. They teach you how to get entangled within the slavery system. Just think about all the useless stuff you’ve learnt at school, all that time wasted on things you’ve never utilised in your current life. They taught you how to think, then they point you in the direction of work, a career or further education to then get a “higher paid’ job. You get suckered into the slave life and stay there forever. Just don’t forget, they had you tricked at a very young age and I bet you’ve never really spent the time thinking about how you where schooled. Not to mention all the lies they teach you about history and the new curriculum they change every year when they decide they want to change what they teach you or the way they want you to think. They are in charge of what you learn and how you learn it, they shape your future and you have no say in it! Once you embrace what has happened and understand it then you can learn to make changes to your life and the way you do things.

Do you believe what goes on in the news? Well, if you do believe that what they display on the news is the truth, they have you as their audience to play around with. Turn that shit off, its all lies and full of fear inducing tactics. I will touch more on this in the fear article where I will talk about false flags and fear tactics that the media uses to control you. The fake drama they present you with will have you scared, it then allows you to be controlled much easier than someone who is not in the state of fear. The news is full of lies, please do not fall for them. They will control your mind and your life and make you just the slave they intended you to always be. Turn it off and be free from this corrupt drama that you do not need in your life.

So I’ve touched upon a few subjects there to show you what is happening out there and what could be happening to you. I hope you realise that now you have most likely been or are a slave to someone else. There are ways to break free, just learn to let go of things that hold you down to potential enslavement. You don’t need a £5000 sofa on finance. What am I going to sit then? On the floor maybe, or on £500 sofa instead. There is no difference, you are just being pretentious if you think you need over expensive items like that. If you want something, earn it. Save up the money and buy it outright. Saves you being tied into someone else’s powers. Learn to live in the present and allow things to happen, stop trying to control things and let life flow. Let go of the old ways, teach yourself new ways to do things. Stop watching lies on tv and scaring yourself. If you die, you die, you were supposed to die, don’t try and watch the news and determine the date, time and destination of your death by a terrorist attack from a muslim on a bus eating a cake on the way to Asda. Like get over it, you will die at the right time in the right place. Death is a celebration, stop worrying about it. Future thinker 🙂

Lastly Id like to say thank you as always for reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Id also like to say that yes I can come across maybe a little negative but Id say its being more realistic and honest than being a party pooper. People in this era that we live in like to be over sensitive and to sugar coat things. This only makes things harder to understand in my opinion. I admire honesty and truthfulness myself, which makes me a forward person that is not scared to express there own character and thoughts. Allow the good to flow with the bad. Remain balanced and relaxed, start to take note of how you are living your life. LIFE is about achieving wonderful things, those things that should be your goals. You weren’t born a slave to do a 9-5 job everyday until you retire. Do something today that will change your life forever. Recognise what is happening and step up.


Love & Peace 

Always & Forever


-Om Shanti-










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