Numerology & Why You See 11.11

Hi again guys and welcome to my second blog post!

This will hopefully be a quick and simple post on why you may regularly be seeing such numbers as 11.11, 22.22 etc

These synchronicity’s are not a coincidence, you are seeing them for a reason. Lets just quickly touch on the ‘illusion’ and why you need to primarily have an understanding of this before we go on.

Understanding the illusion is basically realising that the world we live in and the people whom surround us are basically an illusion, they are both not real. This may sound ridiculous if this is your first time reading this theory but its the truth. I know I said theory and truth in the same sentence but yea, soak it up, we live in an illusion. If you can manage just for a moment to get your head around this concept, idea or theory you can then start justify the reasons why you maybe seeing such numbers like 11.11 daily or running into people in unexpected places, seeing signs or just finding things randomly. These synchronicitys are not coincidences they are confirmations and messages. What you need to understand is that these things have been placed in front of you for a reason, that reason is to catch your attention to make you see or do something. Why I need you to understand all of this before we go on is that if you understand, then you will realise that the signs you see and these synchronicitys you come across have been put in front of your eyes on purpose for you and only you. The world is not real, it is a game and there are hidden messages and guidances all over the place, just for you. Have you ever said to a friend, ‘Did you see that…’, and they say ‘No?!’… and you think what… How did you not just..? This is because it was just for you to see at that specific time as a message or a sign to show you something. Im sure there are plenty of times this has happened and if it hasn’t then you must just be a potato.

So! If you are forever picking your phone up or looking at your watch to check the time and you see repetitive numbers, 1717, 1111, 2323 there is a message being sent to you and you need to take note. It could be something you were doing, saying or thinking at that current moment that needs to be brought to fruition or maybe you are being forewarned about an idea or event that is coming up in the near future etc The best way to understand what is being targeted at that current moment is to quickly google, ‘1717 angel number‘ for example and read what it means. It doesn’t matter how open or closed minded you are but when you see things reoccurring everyday or multiple times a week you must have some belief that life or some greater unknown power is trying to show you something. Accept that it is a message from your higher self, and take note.

Life would be too easy if there was instructions laid out for us to follow. Unfortunately that is not the case. As we progress on our journey through life it is our job to listen to our heart, our soul and the messages that come through others to guide us. Again unfortunately this is very difficult as there is another conflicting voice that is also inside of us. That is called the EGO. I will make a separate post about the ego and how it rules us, how it can ruin us and why we needed it but need to learn to live without it.

So, I see a lot of young kids growing up these days quoting ‘11.11‘ and saying, ‘It means make a wish’. It really doesn’t mean that, it doesn’t mean anything to do with luck, wishes or any other random crap people have made up and falsely spread around. Its a sign or a message for you and only you, read it and take action.


11.11 can mean several things. It can be put in front of you as a sign to show you that you are about to, becoming or are already, spiritually awake. Ive mentioned this term ‘Spiritually awake’ quite a few times now, it certainly will be requiring its own post soon 🙂

11.11 is mostly used in the spiritual world as a sign for a gateway. Gateways are usually bridges or a form of opening to something new. So from being asleep, to becoming spiritually awakened would be the start of something new, which is why you would be seeing the signs 11.11 everywhere. Gateways are often used to allow people to die, and pass over to another dimension quickly and efficiently. These gateways are on specific dates where the day, month and year are all added up using ancient numerology. When the outcome of the equation equals 11.11 then that day will become a gateway for people who wish to die and cross over safely to do so. This maybe hard to understand now, just absorb it and let it sit there. You will most likely start to understand these things in the near future.

So hopefully you have a basic understanding why you may be seeing reoccurring numbers and sequences now. This is purely a way for the Angels, your Soul or God etc to contact you and show you something is about to happen or is happening. Don’t ignore the signs, be proactive and do a quick google search every time you come across a synchronicity, you might be surprised!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick and easy to read blog post. If you are interested more in numerology and how it works comment below and il be happy to do an in depth post about using numerology to decipher all the codes and messages around you.

Thank you for reading.

Peace & Love

Always & Forever

Be Infinite

– Om Shanti –





Author: Illuminatus

I am you. You are me. We are all one. I hope you enjoy reading my spiritual thoughts. Im trying to help illuminate the world about the hidden truths that they don't want you to know. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a simple comment or like, just so I know you are enjoying these blogs. Feedback is always great! -Om Shanti- Illuminatus

2 thoughts on “Numerology & Why You See 11.11”

  1. Oh no, for the past week I’ve been seeing 11:11 for the time, I’ve also never heard of this phenomena, but in the past week have seen 3 different article titles about it. (Yours being the only one I’ve clicked on). Now the hard part is interpreting the message!
    Thanks for the information!

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